Microsoft wants you to beta test upcoming Office products and services

Ever wanted to test out new features before they launch? If so, today's your lucky day as Microsoft is currently looking for beta testers for the Office family of programs and services.

Beta testers will be able to run pre-released software and provide feedback as well as suggest product improvements. The pre-release software includes the Office suite, which features Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Visio, Access, Publisher and Outlook, in addition to the enterprise focused Exchange, SharePoint and Project server products and cloud services.

You can either register as an individual or get your company signed up for testing the pre-release software.

Interested? Head on over to the link below to register.


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Gsarfin says:

I would, but sure currently not available.

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yearoftherat says:

The website is in beta

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durfmobile says:

I waste enough time finding work arounds for up to date versions of SharePoint / Office / Outlook, etc etc. No thank you.

mclarensr says:

Tried to register and got this message

"This site is currently not available...

Please try again later"