MLB At Bat 2009 Now Available

A few weeks back we reported that MLB At Bat 2009 [iTunes Link] would be available on April 3rd, well it seems it was pushed out a few days early and can now be found in the App Store. Most of it's features, however, will not be activated until April 6th. The biggest feature being, live Gameday Audio, from either the home or visiting team radio announcers, streamed directly to your iPhone. That feature alone should make this app worth the price of admission for all of you hardcore baseball fans.

So you have to be asking, how much will this cost me? For the entire baseball season including post season play this will run you $9.99. That really is not too bad considering in-game audio for the complete season, directly from the MLB website, costs $14.99.

So how many of you will be picking this one up? Let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

MLB At Bat 2009 Now Available


I already purchased the app. I don't have cable and most of the Yankees games will not be televised locally. I depended on last year's MLB app. This year is even better with the audio portion. I'm so excited. New Yankees, New stadium, new MLB app. Win / win for me!

Picked it up due to the quality of the app for the 08 season was wonderful. Although I can listen to the game (WhiteSox) here in Chicago, the addition of the audio is a smooth move by the developers. I hope that they worked out the stream to work with EDGE networks. 10 bucks for a very well designed app.

I had the version from last season, and thought $4.99 was a bargain. Adding Gameday audio makes this the one of the best $10 purchases I have ever made! I would have likely paid $9.99 for the full '09 version if all the features were the same as last year! Take heed folks...because I am sure that with iPhone OS 3.0 and the subscription model, this is the last time you will get this type of deal from MLB@Bat

Looks like a great app, but I'm loving the streaming video on the NCAA basketball app. Now bring this feature set out for a sport people care about and I'll buy it!

Purchased the app and audio does not work at all for me. Seems there is a bug in the software or the network, it sounds like a great app if they can get it to work properly.

Audio feeds will drop occasionally but overall it is nice to have access to every game. As a baseball fan, I was really looking forward to the West Coast feeds so I could listen to baseball late into the night. So far it is well worth the $9.99 price. Only drawback is that it appears that you have to purchase the $14.99 package in addition if you want to listen using your pc and you don't have your iphone or touch with you.

I bought this app the day it was released. It's very nice, but I have yet to see an up-to-the-minute video highlight. Last years version had plenty. What gives?