MobileMe Calendar Beta upgrades being offered via iCal

MobileMe beta upgrades being offered via iCal

I just launched iCal (by accident!) and was greeted with the dialog box above, asking if I'd like to upgrade to the new MobileMe Calendar beta. Um. Okay. I went through the upgrade, which launched Safari and had me log into my MobileMe account, only to get a server error and a request to try again. Second time was the charm, though, and all my events were updated and I now have the shiny new -- clearly iPad-inspired -- MobileMe Calendar Beta at my beck and call.

For the MobileMe Mail Beta, I requested an invitation and received an email confirmation, so this was different. Anyone else getting "invited" into the MobileMe calendar beta this way?

More screenshots after the break.

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MobileMe Calendar Beta upgrades being offered via iCal


I just tried it and it didn't work. I signed up to join the beta weeks ago too and still nothing.

I requested this when it was first announced, but still no upgrade or email. Just quit iCal and relaunched it, but didn't get this either. [sigh] Guess I just have to be patient...

I upgraded but it takes aways all your entries on ical and forces you to only use the calendar on MobileMe

Nevermind If that happens just go back a month and then forward again. Everything returns...

Looking forward to that update. All that's left for apple to implement into MobileMe is to do :)

Does anyone know if there's a way to sync my subscribed calendars from iCal to mobilme calendar? I can get them to my iphone but not to the cloud calendar.

You'd think that Apple would have their MobileMe developers do something (anything!) about the terrible and half-assed 'to do' list mess before they spend time on this kind of stuff.

I would love it if they would link iCal with address book the way it linked in Palm. I really miss being able to click on an event and then be taken directly to the contact info. And vice-versa, when you make a date it would automatically link it to the contact.

Still no To Do list sync capability between iPhone and iCal? Apple engineers have their head up their ass about that one.

Signed up the day it was announced (beta), but than had an issue sharing so contacted support whom WOULD not service me until I did the downgrade link. since I have tried upgrade link numerous times, and even tried a brand new account that was upgraded with no issues. left a beta feedback with my info and still no luck,contacted support whom "do not support beta" HELP!

It constantly asks me to upgrade whenever I open iCal, but it never does. It opens my MobileMe Calendar and shows the exact same thing it has always has. Now it is just annoying the crap out of me and I wish it would stop.

I signed up for the beta, got an e-mail invitation, but decided not to go for it. It was an either/or choice: either I keep my current calendar, OR I risk data and time loss with the beta.
If I could keep my familiar iCal syncing, I'd try it, but not if the beta calendar is the ONLY way I can use my calendars.