Multifl0w brings Exposé-style app switching to iPhone, iPad

Multifl0w for iPhone jailbreak

For those who want a more Exposé-style app switcher for iPhone -- or any type of fast app switching on the still iOS 3.2 bound iPad -- Multifl0w for Jailbreak might be worth checking out.

Zoom out to reveal up to 9 apps tiled for easy access, re-arrange or remove them if you like, then tap to switch. $4.99 in Cydia.

Video after the break and if you try it out let us know how it works for you!

[Multifl0w via 9to5Mac]

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Reader comments

Multifl0w brings Exposé-style app switching to iPhone, iPad


Ok. Seriously. I love to watch demos but why do quite a lot of these types of demos have the worst music, if it can be called that, known to man, used as background music? I stop watching which means the product doesn't get my full attention. I don't want to go to a fscking rave, I want to see a demo! Ok. I'm done.

Anyone know if Proswitcher is going to be upgraded to work with the iPhone 4? I really liked the look and feel of that better.

Cnet had a story about Apple applying for a patent to Kill jail broken devices. Sorry did not get the link. If someone steals your device, with this Apple can look who has the device via the front facing camera, and check if it is your voice. The article also said Apple could stop jailbreaking. Good read.

I was always a Proswitcher fan because it was free, after giving this a go on IOS4 It blows PS out the windows, So much nicer and so smooth on my 3GS...
Def worth the few $'s..

Multifl0w really looks good this time. But, on my 3GS (iOS4.0) and iPhone4 (iOS 4.0.1) it just can't kill apps. It looks like the apps are killed, they are vanished from the Multifl0w carousel, but I can see them alive in SBSettings processes window and with TOP on the command line.
Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
By the way, @HungWell (and others): Chpwn (creator of ProSwitcher) had decided he'd stop coding it. But today, he had announced that he'd changed mind :) (Nice choice, for me at least)
I'll sure give it a go once it's out. Till then, I think I'll stay with Apple's switcher for some more, but will try Multifl0w again.

The music in the demo is just so wonderful. Lots of flashbacks to the old days with my Amiga 500 :)

It works great. Much better than it used to be. I like the Expose style better than the Cards style as it is faster to select an app without having to swipe through them.
No crashes and very speedy on my 3GS so far.
The only issue was that to get the reordering/rearranging working I had to disable it and then enable it again.

Still crashing my springboard. One thing I've missed is the ipod widget and the potrait orientation. Cool app but need more improvement.

I would of liked to seen this get demo'd on the ipad just a little more than what the video ended up showing us.

All of the apps I've wanted to background appear to die soon after I background them on my iPad. Pity, because iSSH would be awesomer if I could leave it running and do other things.