Netflix app on TV via iOS 4.2 AirPlay? Ohellsyeah!

Netflix streaming from iPad or iPhone to your TV via iOS 4.2 AirPlay? That's what Mark Gurman is showing off.

We connected some speakers to an Airport Express and the audio from the Netflix film wirelessly streamed and played perfectly with absolutely no hiccups. When the new Apple TV launches, you’ll be able to wirelessly stream both the video and audio to your television set; that’s right, I said television.

Now if only they let Hulu Plus do that...


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Netflix app on TV via iOS 4.2 AirPlay? Ohellsyeah!


I don't get it. Won't Apple TV already have Netflix built in? Seems like 2 ways to get the same thing.

Yeah, sure, but that's built into Apple TV. The idea that -- theoretically -- any app, including Hulu, ABC, etc. could be streaming enabled is great.

I don't get it either. Sorry. Could you break it down further, moe in detail, for those of us not quite connecting on the idea (glad I wasn't the only one).

Air Video + AirPlay would be awesome. No need to convert to mp4 and can stream all your content no problem to your TV. :)

Netflix needs to support tv out on it's iPhone app!! I'm with Tedp and Hoosier I don't get the excitement over this one yet...

Think of it as proof of concept.
All Apple needs to do is get AirPlay compatibility on all HDTVs. Then TVs don't need apps installed natively.
The "box" moves from being set top to coffee table top. The remote control and the box the apps are running on/streaming from are the same thing.

It makes perfect sense actually - if you're watching a Netflix movie on the go on your iPad but don't finish, you can beam it to your TV as soon as you get home and pick up right where you left off. I mean, sure, not super useful all the time, but not totally useless. And as a proof of concept though, it's pretty cool for other streaming apps too.

Thing is, you can do that anyway. If you are watching netflix on your IPad/Iphone, and then stop it, if you fire up netflix on your TV it will show you the same que, and will let you continue where you left off. No need for airplay in that instance.

This is amazing stuff! And once iOS 4.2 is jailbroken, we will, in theory anyway, be able to stream Netflix from an iPhone to a TV over 3G(!). AT&T service permitting. :D
I say in theory only because you will have to have excellent AT&T service in your area, and with that said, inside your house, unless you watch TV in the backyard.
This will definitely become a reality eventually, but hopefully sooner rather than later. It might happen when LTE (4G) arrives and maybe even before that with an HSPA+ buildout that goes beyond 7.2Mbps. AT&T just announced exactly that via their Facebook page late last week, so it won't be too long.
This will mean more than just "HDTV via 3G" bragging rights. It's just an example for the type of (high) bandwidth that we can all look forward to.
Great stuff! ;)

I agree that Netflix support was a little redundant, perhaps. This assumes that the AppleTV is going to be the only AirPlay video device, which is not a safe bet seeing as Apple is licensing the technology already to speaker dock manufacturers.
That said, I really want to see Airplay enabled Air Video, Hulu Plus, ABC, and Orb.

"Yeah, sure, but that’s built into Apple TV. The idea that — theoretically — any app, including Hulu, ABC, etc. could be streaming enabled is great."
Why not state this in your post so the reader isn't left wondering what it is you are so excited about?

@God of Biscuits, exactly. It's the concept. The idea is that the TV becomes just a dumb display. Interesting in comparison to approaches like GoogleTV or the TVs with built-in NetFlix, where they're trying to put more intelligence in the TV itself.

@FreakNasty maybe because she assumed people could connect the dots themselves? It's not that hard to figure out the implications of this.

So this will stream from iphone to tv with no internet or wireless network other than cell service to the phone correct?

@Grant, connecting the dots isn't as clear as you make it given that almost no apps support video out other than a small handful.

People not seeing the value of streaming netflix to the device read the examples. Its a good capability.
1). I do not have home internet or a wifi router. I use my iphone for my internet connection (jailbroken iphone). Pulling up netflix on the phone to stream will be easier than diconnecting the pc then reconnecting the internet through the phone to the iTV.
2). Traveling. Almost enough said but you could plug iTV into the hotel, friends TV and stream all you want without the hassle of connecting the available wifi. Wifi in many cases that need you to pay or at least login to a website and enter some code. Any feature though redundant is awesome even if there is a small use or helps a small population. Im sure at least one that thinks "this is useless and redundant will use it one day".

I could not get Netflix app on ipod to push video to my ATV2
Audio worked OK, Youtube app worked for both video and audio
I downloaded the latest version of the netflix ipod app.
I have 8GB ipod touch 2 gen which I know will not support multitasking. Is this the issue?

For people outside of USA, we can use VPN functionality of iPad to get access to Netflix. ATV2 does not support VPN, so I would have to use a proxy server that then tunnels through VPN. Therefore it would be easier to play movies from iPad on TV by using AirPlay.