Netflix app updated to support iPhone, iPod touch

Netflix for iPhone

It's taken a while but Netflix has finally updated their iOS app to universal binary -- that's right, it now supports not only iPad but iPhone and iPod touch as well.

"Apple has changed the game for mobile devices," said Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and chief executive officer. "We're excited that our members can now carry Netflix around in their pockets and instantly watch movies and TV shows streamed from Netflix right to their iPhone or iPod touch."

Requires iOS 3.1.3 or higher, and works over both Wi-Fi and 3G.

If anyone has tried it out yet, let us know how it's working for you.

[Netflix PR]

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There are 89 comments. Add yours.

Jd says:

Att still unlimited on iPhone, how are they gonna "allow" netflix to work 3G?

Jaime says:

It does not work for me. I get error 105. Does it matter if I'm jailbroken running 4.01 on iPhone 4?

Charles says:

Initial time out error on my i4 but works flawlessly now. Heading out now will see how it holds up in Atlanta's pretty impressive 3G.

Slade says:

Worked great over Wi-Fi at home. It you just quit out of a movie, which I did after testing, I have found that when you later restart the program, it will prompt you if you want to resume watching.
I am right now testing a movie over 3g. It's not going so well. They are Starz Play movies that keep looping at the intro ... but as I write this and it has had time to cache, it is playing well now.
Love it! Love being able to browse and add Instant movies to my queue now. Most apps would force you to know what you wanted to watch, w/o much browsing available.

ArtVanBurenBoy says:

Great App as expected ! Works even decent on Edge.

dloveprod says:

I can't believe it, they finally did it, works like a charm!

Dexter says:

OH MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME!!! :D Just yesterday I checked the App Store to see if they made this available for the iPhone yet but no dice. I had to revert to my PhoneFlix app. I just watched an instant streaming movie last night through the PS3 and it picked right up where it left off. The video quality is AMAZING just on 3G!!! Fantastic job, Netflix!!! :)

Bizarderic says:

Damn, not available im Canada...

Ashere says:

Works great! Occasionally there is some catching up on watching a movie on 3G but other then that works great.

jh says:

What kind of bandwidth are we looking at for 3G here?

kingweb says:

Works awesome for me. Smooth crystal clear picture too.
I tested it on 3G.

Xultar says:

It is nice. I encountered a few glitches while adding futurama to my que. When they get that worked out it will be awesome

Roper says:

I had previously installed this via the work-around on my jailbreak and was "pleased" with it though it /was/ a hassle getting everything to install correctly and had to browse via safari.
Having this as a native app now is 100x better. I would MUCH rather navigate my instant watch in-app than in-browser.
As mentioned before, there was an initial time-out but after reentering my UN/PW I was able to log in just fine.

MAGNUS says:

Works great for me. Super fast and smooth. I can fast-forward and it instantly starts playing. No buffering needed.

Gabe Beltran says:

Just tested over 3G. Video quality is good but a single minute of streaming over 3G was 8mb of data. Imagine a full movie.

jgr627 says:

I've been waiting for this app since they announced it back in early June, I downloaded it and tried it and everything seems fine but when you click on something to load I get audio but with a black screen.....running ios 4.0.1 jailbroken on AT&T

websyndicate says:

I'm so happy. Got my Hulu+ and my Netflix on my iPhone now. Sorry Rene but it sucks to be Canadian Today.

FrankCastle says:

I LOVE IT, this is why I kept my unlimited data package.

Darrin says:

Works well on wifi at home. Would like to be able to add to DVD que as well. Dont see this feature. If it had this I could see not even using the website.

Daniel says:

Aaannndddd there's officially no reason for me to switch to a Blackberry. This iPhone has evolved into an INCREDIBLE smartphone. Granted, it has it's limitations but then again, too few to mention.
I haven't tried streaming over WiFi but 3G streaming is stunning, to say the least!

patcom8 says:

It works GREAT!!!... i was using it over a low signal Wifi but wow... love being able to do this

Peter says:

It works. It looks great.
Goodbye, productivity and focus.

Scott says:

Wow, pretty neat! I just loaded this on my poor ol' iPhone 3G running iOS 3.x, and streamed a movie over the 3G network. The app remembered where I left off in this movie, which I had been watching on my laptop, and the video quality was decent. No crashes or other issues in my very brief test.

RPJ says:

Perfect timing for this release, 2 full days of corporate meetings!
Wish it has the feature to manage your disc at home queue as well though.

Chatnoir80 says:

It works amazingly. I love it.

Neo says:

This app is awesome!!!!!

MikeD says:

WOW works awesome using 3G!.......wonder how much battery will drain for one whole movie?...say 1hr 30mins...hmmmm

Tom says:

I'm on WiFi and it freezes about every 10 seconds. Anyone else have this issue?

Patrick says:

App works great but kind of disappointed they did not include iOS 4.0 multitasking. It is kind of annoying when you have to respond to a text, email, or phone call then go back to watching only to have to wait for the app to initiate. Again I'm not saying this app is bad, it works great in fact, but really? 2 months after iOS 4.0 release and they can't even include that feature.

unchew says:

awesome job on codec to even look decent over 3g on the improved iphone 4 screen is impressive but i agree with Patrick they should have included ios 4 saved state feature at least.

B-Digital says:

I have been waiting for this day for a while now, glad it's finally here. Works better than I imagined. My IP4 is now complete.

chan says:

working great on my iPhone4 via wifi. i do think it's odd that they don't allow me to arrange my standard queue. the app is focused solely on instant-play.
which is awesome. don't get me wrong. it just seems like an odd omission.
i would think queue management wouldn't have been as difficult as what they've accomplished, and including that would make this app a 'one stop shop' for my netflix account.

Jim McGill says:

Tried it using both WiFi & 3G worked fantastic using 3G phone with iOS 4

Adam says:

Happy Birthday to me....I've been waiting all summer for this app alone.

Jfelipe83 says:

I used to have bextflix a year ago and I cancel it cuz the I wasn't get g my DVDs but then when I heard that it was going to be brought to the iPhone I was just waiting for it and register again with netflix.
I test it out and it's really good in the iPhone 4 I only saw a few thinks I did not like that maybe in up coming updates might fix like support for retina display and background enable. But I still love the app

Dragonsoul says:

Works awesome .... Both 3G and wifi ... I have an iPhone 4 jailbroken running 4.0.1 in Seattle and no issues ... I'm so happy now I can see family guy anytime!!!!

Byebyebb says:

Brilliant....thanks for the heads up

Andrclvn says:

Works pretty good a little hesitation over wifi and I can't speak on the clarity I'm watching an old Godzilla movie

mark jackson says:

Hi, has anyone tried using the output cord to hook the iphone into a tv using component or rca slots. I download movies onto my iphone via itunes and play them through the tv using an apple component cable. Just wondering if we will be able to hook our iphone to a tv and stream....

Todd in KC says:

went for a walk over lunch with my iPhone 3G and watched an episode of 24 over 3G - other than taking my batter from 100% to < 20% in 40 minutes, it's working and looks great.

Chatnoir80 says:

2 episodes of top gear and one ep of Dollhouse later I'm smitten. They are going to have to pry my grandfathered unlimited plan away from my hands.

Marlon_NYC says:

Yay thank god its finally here luv the app ... I hope we can stream movies over are tv

Andrew says:

There are a lot of positive comments about performance over the 3G network. I think this shows that the network isn't as bad as some people make it out to be and that AT&T really has been working on improvements.
I am loving the Netflix app and watching over 3G. I have been waiting for this day for quite a while. Thank goodness for being grandfathered into the unlimited plan.

RF says:

What I love most about the iPhone Netflix app (which works fine for me) is that you can choose which TV show episode you want to watch. The iPad app just starts the series - there's not episode choice at all. Drives me crazy and so I was really happy to see the iPhone app is better - the iPad app is unchanged today which is a bummer.

Shinkle says:

Wow. Apple is going to lose a LOT of revenue from me - now I can watch unlimited content, and so can my wife, for $13.99. Amazing. Works well on 3G, can't wait to see if it is better on wifi.

Shinkle says:

So, watching a movie on Netflix via 3G - i assume this will eat up a sh*tload of my $15.00 200MB data plan???

justwhatisee says:

The app rocks on WiFi and over the 3G. (Glad I kept my unlimited plan!) I bought the Apple RCA cable package today, but unfortunately it will not pass the video because of a different signal. It WILL although play YouTube and iPod based movies like a champ. Guess we have to wait until someone figures out the signal pass through for Netflix and Hulu.
Thanks Netflix. App is working great!

Jb says:

It backgrounds nicley with backgrounder on iphone 4 4.0.1

Hoffa says:

I Waited until netflix was on iPhone before I signed up and man was it worth the wait. It's just great, enough said

AV says:

I have been looking forward to this app since the day it was announced and was only met with great disappointment. Loaded it on my 3GS and it won't work...after the first initial red screen it just goes grey and won't do anything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 20 times, updated my phone to 4.0.2, called netflix, restored my phone, everything. Can someone help?

Robodolo says:

Very very sweet, makes my iphone 3g feel like new again. Streaming the office as im typing. Ive been watching the office on my xbox 360 for a long time now but i think im switching to my iPhone. Stunning quality.

R7sms says:

Crashes when starting to play anything. Lame!! Fix it!!

robertpetry says:

It works great for me. This is a very useful app for those with Netflix! You still need Phoneflix or something to manage your by-mail Queue however.

Steve says:

After the initial red, NetFlix screen, my app goes to the same gray screen described by AV. I also tried removing and reinstalling the app...nothing! Steve

Crayolaboi says:

The second I heard this was out I downloaded it. Soo amazing, love being able to watch family guy on my lunch break. Looks crystal clear on iPhone 4 over 3G. I just wonder though if I use 4 gigs of data streaming Sirius to my phone then how much will I use with this. Thankfully I'm unlimited!

Niki says:

I have the same issue, After the red screen it goes gray.

Todd says:

i too have the same grey screen problem, what is up and why doesn't something reply to this error? It's really frustrating,does it even work on ipod touch!!?!?
Please netflix fix this bug!!

Shane says:

I have same prob as others goes yo red screen for a sec and then goes back won't play I have reinstalled many times still won't wrk

JustinCase says:

Same issue:Crashes when starting to play anything. worthless...

gc says:

iphone 3g... crashes after playing about 2 seconds. I've been waiting all summer to this???

Ivette says:

I can't figure out how to watch instantly on my iPod touch? Do I need a combination of apps? May someone please help me!

ed says:

Ipod touch aownloaded the app. Starts fine nice red Netflix page then goes to Grey screen. 2 other Ipods in the house both run it fine. Why will it not run on one but does on the other 2

Joe says:

Had the same grey screen and it not loading problem. I fixed it by going under my iPhone settings and scrolling down to the netflix tab then under that it list the version number and right below that is a switch to reset the app. I switch reset and reloaded the app and it worked again after I put my login information back in

J says:

Love the netflix app for my iPhone 4. Never had a prob yet. I'm kinda surprised at the video quality... Much better than I expected.

cory says:

Thanks Joe. I had to do that twice, but it fixed the problem.

Justin says:

Hello, I am not sure if this "Fix" has been posted here yet. I could not find it. I too have had problems with the White Screen poping up secinds after load. Here is the fix: Your iPod/phone system clock need to correct. go to, find out the atomic time, and reset your iPod's clock to the official time. Go into the netflix settings and just for good measure switch the reset switch. back out, and launch the app. it should work. This seems to be a copyright/time thingy. Let me know if it works for you!

SR says:

Justin: It worked! My 12 year old daughter is ecstatic. Thanks.

Justin says:

Whoa. Justin, you are a miracle worker! That fixed it perfectly!
Now, can you tell me how to make my iPod Touch keep time?? It keeps randomly resetting to 50 minutes ahead! I thought it was because of my RSS Reader, but it must be something else.
Anyway, thank you!

Michele says:

I tried what Joe suggested and it keeps o happening any other suggestions

Justin says:

@Michele - Try my suggestion. @Justin - glad I could help. I wish I knew how to keep my iPod from losing 8 minutes every week.

Josh says:

@Joe. Thank you for the help, the time thing worked. I have been trying all week to figure this out. You deserve an award!!

Josh says:

sorry ment @Justin :)

Becky says:

This is awesome. It works perfectly. I am going McDonald's over it. (I'm loving it!)

Jason says:

Crap....doesnt work at all...tried the time thing, tried deleting and reinstalling, no luck doesnt work on my 2nd gen IPod.

Sarah says:

I tried to download this on my itouch and it will not let me. It says that i have to have iphone software or something like that. Help!

Kathy says:

My daughter's Ipod touch 4th G is having the same problem with loading to the screen but then reverting back to her background. I have tried the reset time, uninstall app, and nothing works. Very frustrating since it worked just fine when she got the touch an we loaded the app.

Donna says:

I was having the same problem with my itouch and what made it work was to power off the itouch and restart it again.

Alex says:

It won't even let me log in!
It keeps telling me "log in attempt timed out"
Ughhh! Help!?

Ray says:

Totally worked with getting the correct time! Thanks Justin!!!

Donna says:

One thing I found that worked for my itouch (after I did what Justin suggested) was to totally power off my itouch and restart it again. This worked and now it doesn't crash after two minutes into the movie.

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Burn fat says:

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Nirali says:

Mine goes gray too but if I go on my sisters IPod touch (both 4G) it works I have reinstalled it a lot of times and we both use the same account PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Just_brew says:

Does not want to work getting an connection error.

kayla says:

it keep saying not working try again later 1007

Bob says:

i watched it a lot and now it will not work what do i do

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