Quick Review: Netflix for iPad


You say you just picked up a new iPad and wanted to sit back and watch your favorite episode of Lost or perhaps a blockbuster movie? If you are a Netflix member you can do just that with the official Netflix iPad application! [iTunes Link - Free]

All you have to do is download the Netflix app from the App Store and you can instantly watch TV shows and movies directly on your iPad. Once you start the app you will be taken to the Netflix website that seems to be optimized for iPad and you will enter in your password and username and everything will be familiar. If you start to watch a movie from your computer or TV and want to resume it on your iPad, you can. Even better is that since the app uses the web interface you have the ability to manage your que or make any account adjustments directly from your iPad.

I've been playing around with it for a while now and must say it is very snappy with no lag in the UI and the video content streams flawlessly. This is a must have for all Netflix users out there!

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Quick Review: Netflix for iPad


This is the first app I downloaded on the iPad and I must say it is the best app I've used to date.

Watching a full length movie on a iPhone? You've got to be kidding me! You'd go blind. And really, name calling? How old are you? This app is incredible!

@ Gabriel I'm sorry, I should have directed my comment towards you "IDIOT"! There now don't you feel better Internet thug?! Maybe you'd go blind that doesn't mean everyone else with normal eyesight would. Nor does it mean it's not an app anyone would want.

Go blind? The iPhone can get movies on it via iTunes already and people watch them. It's not that small man. I'd watch a show or movie in the car or sitting at an appointment.

Netflix app works great - downloaded it , signed up for a free trial, it is was off and running. Can not say the same for the ABC app!! ABC app looks good until you try to play video and then it crashes about 2-3 seconds after starting!!

I am curious as to how they optimized their interface to run on iPhone OS, as it runs silverlight on my computer!!!I am waiting with baited breathe for it to come out for the iPhone!!!!

I am on the "iPhone Blog" to read about news regarding iPhone... not the iPad.
I don't care about the iPad.

thats why they changed their name lucas lol , its no longer just iphone unfortunately. im already quite sick of the 1000 ipad stories but thats to be expected on a launch day.
and wow gabriel , u fool

They changed their name??
I read it as moble version on my iPhone only. All I ever see is "TiPB".
"iPhone Freakz" blog has no where near as many posts about iPad.
I guess it's time to close TiPB as a long running, always open web page in Safari on my iPhone.

Oh, please. I'm seriously rolling my eyes at the iphoneforlyfe drama queens. I'm sure if you keep complaining, ALL the tech blogs will stop covering the hottest thing in tech. Seriously?
Anything on CNN or FOX news ever NOT important or interesting to you? Change the flippin' channel. Go outside and enjoy nature, whatever you need to do. And please, please stop whining about it. Nobody wants to hear it-- bunch of 12 year old girls.
Thank you, Rene. Keep the coverage coming. We appreciate your site, even though we sometimes act like juveniles.
PS to the whiners: TiPB recently had a name change that reflects that it will cover ipad news, as well. That may not be your cup of tea. If that's the case, that's a disappointment, but I say "please leave" and "good riddance". I'm tired of the negativity.

Silly question, but is there any option to save (even a time-limited) a copy to watch while offline?

See without Steve Jobs naming the iPad what he did. TiPb would have never been able to change their name.
I don't mind all the ipad stuff all this does is convince me that I need one. I still need to hit best buy and check it out.

What I think about all the trolls is that they NEED to convince themselves NOT to buy it just because, actually, they just desire to have one. So it is more like a psychotherapy, to bash it on public.
You know, as they say, about how close are love and hate feelings...

@Lucas - Please don't leave. Your influence and contribution is so vital I'm afraid Rene will have to shut down the site if you go. It's a terrible loss.

Got a question : Did the app work straight away or did you need to use a proxy for the stream since your outside the US? If you did, which one did you use? Im planning on buying one and I really want to use this app :P

Don't forget the iPhone can play movies on you're TV, so you could watch Netflix movies on you're TV or a friends TV with you're iPhone instead of the small screen.

People watching movies on iphone, pathetic, still I guess nice to watch something short, but full action movie, haha, poor little girls. I can't stand watching standard TV even less on something so pathetic small. The ipad I can see at least been a start but for watching a movie full out 50 inch plasma with DTS sound.
Now reading books, that what I really like about the ipad, and once iphone os 4 comes out its going to even rock more. What do other companies have, lets see, oh yes vaporware that what they have so who cares about what their doing. Netflix is not using either Flash or MS bloadware, its HTML5.

I am typing this from my iPad. It is cool. I am going to return it though, and get the one with the 3G ability. Then I can use netflix on the road

Can the NetFlix IPad app be watched on the big screen TV when it is connected via the requisite wires?

Hammer: iPad with 3g is not worth it. At&t 3g is painfully slow. YOu might not have internet everywhere without 3g, but where you do have internet, it will be much faster. So, really, your paying $130 extra for almost nothing

Anybody knows if I have to be connected to wifi/3G to watch the movies or can I watch it without having to be connected to the Internet? Thanks

Nice review! Check mine at the below link..
Gear Lust (part one) iPad –first impressions
Like so many other Apple users I’m enamored with each deliciously-designed product that they release. But I understand what they are doing to us – they are changing the way we think, compute, consume and buy. As a futurist and early-adopter of most technology I’m ok with these changes. But Apple seems to be single-handedly launching us into new markets long before the public knows what to do with them. On one hand it’s the entrepreneur’s dream to have a new wild-west to conquer. But as consumers we are easily tricked into putting money back into Apple, AT&T and so many other companies’ products to feel like we are on the cutting edge of technology in this brave new age of computing. My first impressions of the iPad are exactly these thoughts. It’s not a matter of is it cool (it totally is) or do I want one (couldn’t wait.) It does everything I wanted and more. It’s got a few limitations I find frustrating. But once I got my hands on it I was drinking Apple’s kool aid once again and didn’t put it down for about 14 hours. Below is a brief review of the product and some initial impressions of the philosophy behind the technology, some questions about productivity and some excitement about the possibilities.

@Ezra: 3G iPad includes GPS, which is hardly nothing. Besides, the iPad is not locked, so you can change to other 3G providers that have data plans.

I got a free months subscription to Netflix over the holiday and tried it last night on my iPad. For about the first 1/2 hour or so everything was fine, and then the images became "pixilated" or distorted and then for a short while the movie actually stopped playing altogether. I was wondering if its something with the internet connection (cable modem) or just how Netflix streams through the internet. My stepson uses a Roku box at his house through the TV and everything seemed just fine. And one last question, how does Netflix work through a Wii, the same as through the iPad???

Im torn between an ipad or xoom.. both sides are compelling. Ps i admit i fcking hate trolls and fanboys, but the input from people who liked their device on this forum was very helpf (minus the guy who is trying to argue that 3g is made more worth it because it has gps, if the person doesnt want to pay for 3g then dont troll him you loser. His reasons for not doing 3g is leaning me to the wifi ipad and the regular non 3g xoom bc itmakes sense)

A friend and myself have been reasoning all over a subject similar to this 1! Now I experience that I used to be right. lol!

Thanks for the article Jeremy. Netflix app is great on iPad. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix on your iPad.