Netflix for iPhone and iPad updated with new interface, can you tell the difference?

Netflix for iPhone and iPad has been updated with an updated interface and varied improvements on playback, AV sync, and subtitle handling. The new interface isn't a complete overhaul, but very minor. In fact, what I notice most about the interface is that it's actually rather sluggish with horrible scrolling, a bit clunky, and you still can't edit or view your mailing queue or view or leave reviews.

What's been your experience with the latest Netflix update?

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Reader comments

Netflix for iPhone and iPad updated with new interface, can you tell the difference?


I don't even have my Netflix account anymore because of some features I didn't like but with some of the new features that have been added recently I'm thinking about getting it back.

HUGE improvement in the UI. The old version was unattractive and clunky, which is painful in an app that you use often. The new browse feature is great, the thumbnails help immensely in navigating, and we love the up/down + left/right scrolling.

Having said that, it does stutter a bit on an ancient iPhone 4. Shouldn't be a problem on the iPhone 4S or 5. But it's good that you can toggle between thumbnail mode and list mode while browsing.

I don't notice much difference in the UI at all. Playback is smooth on my 4S, even over 3G (I refuse to call it "4G" as AT&T does lol). However, it does seem to take longer to launch. The splash screen stays on a lot longer than before.

Just updated it and I really don't see much of a difference. The home area doesn't mean much to me since I queue up most of the movies that I want to see on my laptop.