Netflix update goes HD for iOS 7, adds AirPlay streaming

Netflix update goes HD for iOS 7, adds AirPlay streaming

Netflix has released a new version of their streaming video software for the iPhone and the iPad. The new 5.0 release is now available for download from the App Store.

New to this release is support for Netflix HD, higher quality video. AirPlay streaming is also supported. (Both features require iOS 7). Netflix also describes "playback optimizations" and "quality improvements" in this new release without enumerating specifics. Netflix notes that in order for AirPlay streaming to work, you'll need to turn off AirPlay mirroring.

Netflix is the popular video rental service that has in recent years increasingly become a streaming video service. The company offers thousands of movies and television shows, including originally produced content.

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Netflix update goes HD for iOS 7, adds AirPlay streaming


This supports Airplay Streaming, but Airplay Mirroring must be turned off.
What does that mean?
Can the netflix client send streams to other devices? If so, why would you do that? Wouldn't all of those potential clients have native Netflix apps already?
Or is the Netflix App capable of receiving streams from other devices?

It means that there's now an AirPlay button in the Netflix app that will let you stream your Netflix audio and video to a device like an Apple TV. Up to now, if you've wanted to do that, you would need to turn on AirPlay mirroring first.

But there is a nice Netflix app in the Apple TV already, I'm not sure I understand what is the purpose of using another device to connect via wireless and drain iPhone battery when I can just use the Apple TV Netflix app.

Am I Missing Something?

Good point concerning Netflix as it is purely streaming unlike iTunes. I often download HD movies to my ipad from my office's wi-fi during the day to reduce usage of my home data plan. Then when I get home I can watch the downloaded movie as often as I want without incurring any data plan usage thru Airplay to my large flat screen home entertainment system. (I live in the country and have a Verizon 4g Home Fusion plan - 30 gigs. With several kids in the house we often bump up against 30 gigs by month's end.)

There are still a lot of people that don't have a netflix account but do have an AppleTV. You can stream to those from your iPhone.

...but if you don't have a netflix account how can you stream to that from your phone?

Also, are there really that many people interested in a streaming box like the Apple TV who don't also happen to have Netflix?

If they do not have a Netflix account they cannot stream Netflix to the Apple TV or watch Netflix from the Apple TV app.

For those who wonder how this might be useful, it will be helpful when you want to pull up a Netflix video on your account and stream it to someone else's Apple TV, since now both devices do not need to be on the same Aplle ID to AirPlay between them. Still not as effective as using the local client, but if you are at a friends house without a Netflix account, you can still play a movie without taxing your phone with mirroring. Yes, an esoteric use case, but one that at least is solved now for those few users.

This is exactly it. When I go to my friend's house I don't want to log into my Netflix account on his Apple TV when we want to watch something on Netflix. Same thing goes for when we want to watch something I've purchased from the iTunes Store. So glad Apple now has Airplay streaming for iTunes content now.

I see your point, Netflix quality via Airplay on Apple TV is inferior than the quality that you'll get from the native Apple TV app.

If you have an account to get the stream to your phone you obviously have an account to get the stream to your Apple TV, right? Are there that many people that go elsewhere, download their content, due to their lack of internet access data limits at home, then bring their iOS device home and stream the content? I understand I may be fortunate to have good access and if this is the case, I guess that helps them...

I installed the update on my iphone 5 and iPad 3 gen, however, I don't see the airplay icon in the iPhone app. It was briefly there on the iPad app...I tried it, got error msg on ATV, and now the icon has vanished. I turn on airplay in control settings w/ no mirroring and can only get audio to the ATV. Sigh...

Same here. No airplay button in app and when I switch to Apple TV in control center (with mirroring off) I only get sound.

I'm might be in the minority here, it would also be nice if they went back to giving IOU the option to watch video in portrait mode once again. Not sure why they took away that option.

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I wish I knew that this upgrade breaks the tv out before I upgraded. I don't have Apple TV or an HDMI tv, so I was using the VGA adaptor cable to my TV's rca input, but that no longer works, I get a message about my display not being supported. If this is not a bug, then it should have been made loud and clear to customers!

I recieve the same message!

If they don't allow using cables any longer, then I'm returning my projector. I see absolutely NO AIRPLAY/mirror option in which to disable mirroring as requested for use...

Netflix CC tells me to wait a day or two until the icon updates fully and appears. I will throw things at people if it renders incompatible without wifi though.

If you haven't synched your phone with your computer yet, you may still have the old version on your computer and can synch it back through iTunes. If you have a Mac and have Time Machine, you should be able to go back in time even if you have synched and get the previous Netflix App.

Was this referring to my message???
I did the netflix update on my iPhone and it still works fine..
I haven't did the IOS7 update to it!!!

I have vga/PC connect I have the adapter to connect my ipad to the vga/PC and my HDTV... Everything worked fine as far as playback through Netflix even after the netflix latest update... I finally did the IOS7 update to ipad and now the picture won't show on my HDTV!!! Ipad/Netflix is prompting me to turn off airplay mirror... But,when trying or attempting to do so I swipe up on ipad and there is no airplay or mirrors selection to turn on or off!!! Am I missing something??? Am I not doing something right??? All I see that I have done wrong is update to IOS7 and now I can't enjoy watching movies on the tv versus looking at the ipad in the comfort of my home!!! Asking for HELP

I had the exact same problem. I will contact Netflix about this. Netflix will NO LONGER WORK WITH IPHONE VGA CABLE. This update has NOTHING to do with mirroring. Somebody - a programmer - screwed this up. Where do they (companies) find these people (new hires?) ?

Just contacted Netflix and it's a problem with their 5.0 update. I was told they're frantically trying to fix it now. It's effecting iPhones,iPads etc.

Aparently not :0( I watch movies from my iphone4 to TV with a cable and it updated today and now I only get audio ... Soooo mad we use this when we travle with out children and now that I updated, I can't use it anymore?

I just spoke with Netflix and my boyfriend spoke to Apple. They both say they are aware of the iphone/hdmi/netflix app problem. Netflix said to give them 2 days to fix the bug. Apple just said they are working on it. I have the iPhone 4S and the bf has the 4. After we updated to iOS 7 -mine yesterday, the bf a week ago- every time we connect our phones to the tv the error message "Cannot view video. The connected display is not supported" pops up on Netflix. Fingers crossed this gets worked out soon or I'm sure heads will roll.

I also connect my iPhone 4 or iPad 2 to TV via cable, and since the newest Netflix update, have been unable to watch this way - gives me same message to disable mirroring in airplay, but there is no such option on my devices. I called Netflix and they blamed it on the iOS 7, and told me to contact Apple. BUT, I upgraded to iOS 7 over a week ago & had no issues until the Netflix update 2 days ago. That tells me it's a Netflix issue (they need to take into account that not everyone has an Apple TV or a need for airplay mode). I also subscribe to Hulu Plus and watch this way, and I have no issues with that. So it must be Netflix, and my conversation with someone from their customer service does not instill confidence that they will do anything to fix it. Might be canceling my Netflix subscription and trying out Amazon Prime.

I'm having the same issue, and I just spoke to someone at Netflix. They also wanted me to turn off the mirroring thing. After reading this, I just hung up. Amazon Prime doesn't work with the VGA either.

Ok, was about to blow a gasket, but figured I'll do a little testing first. The is a great feature and we use it all the time to stream Netflix via the AUX input in our van on our long road trips without needing to carry a bunch of DVDs to entertain the children and also at home where we can connect it in any room the we don't have a device that can stream Netflix or AirPlayit HD. So when I connected with my iPhone 4S with the latest iOS7 plus Neflix 5; no video just audio also the same for AirPlayit. I Connected with my iPhone 4S with iOS6 plus Netflix 5; works with both video & audio same for AirPlayit. Last I connected with my iPad2 with iOS7 plus Netflix 4; works with both video & audio same for AirPlayit. So my conclusion iOS7 combination with Netflix 5 is a no go, so since you can't downgrade from iOS 7 if you have the older version 4 of Netflix on you computer remove 5 from your device and install 4 from your computer.

I, too, am unable to view netflix. I use an IPad 3 with an HDMI cable to my HDTV. It worked fine post ios7 update. It stopped working after the netflix app update. Same thing about "mirroring" enable/disable. I don't have airplay.
One week to fix or I'm canceling my netflix subscription.
Does anyone know if Hulu Plus works with this setup?

I'm having the same issue. I can no longer stream Netflix via HDMI from my iPad. This is a deal-breaker.

Yes seems like we are all having an issue. I think it is a combination of ios7 and the netflix update. That does not help solve the issue. I fanyone can tell me a way to disable mirroring without actually having the airplay icon displayed that might help. I use stream on apple tv and via a connected hdmi cable adapter from iphone to a mini projector . I travel often and this is my primary source of entertainment and a primary reason for subscribing to net flix and playon. if you have playon and netflix you can stream remotely from your home country to where ever and likely play netflix via playon. just an option if you have that until they fix the issue

Hulu does work fine for us. We only have this mirror issue with Netflix and Amazon Prime. Hope Netflix gets the update out soon. Due to the House of noRepresentatives shutdown our AFN tv programming has been reduced to just one channel; the news ugh!

I have a 30 pin digital AV adapter and have been using it to connect my iPad to my tv to watch netlfix. I upgraded my iPad to IOS 7 and suddenly it says "cannot play video, that the connected display is not supported" The 30 pin works fine with other apps. Is there a way I can work around this? Will I ever be able to use my 30 pin for netflix again?

Okay well now here's the joke since I feel I opened the flood gates!!!!
Waited for the update and finally received it today!!!
I have the same 30 pin set Adam with the VGA/PC cable as well!!!
So now it's sound and no picture just like before but without the airplay/mirroring message!!!!!!
This truely is no laughing matter!!! But!!!! LMMFAO
There so many angles the talk about this I'm just gonna be the first!!!!
Apparently everyone is working to make money and have things that suit them and work to make them happy and comfortable in all they(we) do!!!! The same for whoever is supposedly fixxing this problem!!!! I'm just gonna leave at I'm doing all the something's I was before!!!
My iPhone is on the first netflix update!!! I'm not changing that it stills works!!!
My ipad is on ios7 and today's netflix update!!!
Instead of the red netflix picture and sound with the airplay/mirroring message!!
Now I get no message,the red netflix picture when on the app itself!!
Once I choose a movie tv screen goes black but I have audio!!!
WTF!!!!!!! Apologies for the language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude i did erased and installed still same thing .... why ??!!! i tried on both VGA and RCA and AV non of them working .. just like pegasus said message but black out

upgrade with netflix 5.01 then it works you do not need to erase the application but visit aap store then you will see upgrade option

Since this update I'm having trouble streaming 3G with no wifi. Never had an issue before, was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem? Keeps telling me to try again later. Using iphone 4.

Hello. New member. I was wondering if anybody can help me. Recently upgraded to new ipad air from original. I see it is possible to stream netflix onto tv from Ipad. What cords do I need to do this?, and How? Wanting to stream netflix on hotel tv.
Thank You all for helping me. It is greatly appreciated.

Hi NO this problem has NOT been solved.
This issue as stated is with IOS 7.11 & Netflix 5.3 using VG adapter with HDMI output. Netflix state that you need to turn off Mirror, ( you never needed to do before) but you need the airplay icon to do this on Ipad 2. With 7.11, on Ipad no icon appears when u swipe up. Apple state that u need to be connected to Apple TV device or other Apple product to enable icon. So without another apple device, no airplay icon, no can turn of mirror. This all worked on 6.13 and Netflix 4 x. I believe last compatible version blend was 7.11 and Netflix first release of 5.0...So symptoms are sound only and black screen, all other streaming appls. still work. Who do I blame = Netflix. Everyone else works except Netflix...ha I know I will blame Apple and tell the Netflix customers this story he he)..Netflix what a loser you are...Despite all the blogs, if you call them today as I did and they do not know of this issue, it is not published in their call center. So I actually sent them this link that shows Ipad with no airplay icon, they checked with their ipad 2 in development labs California and replicated they NOW NOW NOW know.....what will they do......I believe nothing...why...because they really known for a long time and have accepted that this is collateral damage to their subscribers. Thus do not upgrade with Apple its all one way, you cannot go back and load lesser Netflix app or lesser ios 7.11...ur doomed....just maybe someone will do something, BUT that's new app software and why should they... I believe that this is all to do with DR ( Digital Rights) and Netflix apps implementation is broken with Apple Ipad 2 IOS 7.11
ONLY way FORWARD...everyone call Netflix and complain