Netflix updated for iPhone 5, iOS 6

Netflix has updated with iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support, so now you can enjoy your 16:9 content on a fully 16:9 screen as nature and Hollywood intended. There's also a new interface that lets browse titles, tap for information, and double tap to play. It's a good use of the taller/wider screen space, and a good improvement to the Netflix app in general.

Rene Ritchie

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llaffer says:

Also, if you're logged into the same account, on the same WiFi network in other devices (PS3, others will likely follow suit with updates), you can browse with the iOS6 Netflix app and tell it to play it on your PS3, allowing you to continue browsing on your iOS app.

yahooman123 says:

Too bad I can't plug my iPhone 5 into my tv anymore because of the dock change :/

kch50428 says:

AppleTV + AirPlay - no dock needed... only wire needed is hdmi from AppleTV to your TV.

dloveprod says:

It's crazy how much bigger .5 inches makes something look.

cgthomas27 says:

That's what she said!

Had to...