ngmoco releases We City for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

We City is the latest addition to ngmoco's successful We Rule and We Farm line of games for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. We City has the same flavor as We Rule and We Farm with the goal of building your city and making it as awesome as you can. There are over 100 buildings and decorations like cafes, salons, apartments, hospitals, and even hot dog stands.

As with their other games, We City is powered by the plus+ network so that you can play with your friends and speed up your progress through the game.

However, there's no Game Center support (yet?). Did ngmoco miss that memo?

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think. Is it better than We Rule and We Farm?

Screenshots after the break!

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Reader comments

ngmoco releases We City for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch


And I don't mean that in a bad way. I just hope that they will improve on what City Story failed to do. I'll download it in about 10 mins, finishing a Netflix movie on my iPod right now.

Big fan of ngmoco's other similar games We Rule and We Farm...primarily because unlike Farmville you're not required to log in via Facebook.We City is a vast improvement on City Story,a game I thought was not that great.Anyway,let's hope that We City doesn't have the same glitches/bugs that We Rule "still" has,namely crashing constantly..though I suspect (and hope) ngmoco read the App Store reviews and an update is in the pipeline.All in all the "We" series of games are fun,creative and very addictive.If you want to add me my player name is Toddy23

This looks an awful like SimCity. EA has dropped the ball with improving the mobile versions of SimCity.

Looks like they've just twigged the graphics from WeRule. All ngmoco's game are just the same nowadays, I miss the days when they used to bring out good games like Star Defense and Rolando.

YES!!! I really enjoyed almost all of ngmoco's early games. My favorites were definitely the Rolando games and Star Defense, but I completely lost interest once they started going exclusively with the "freemium" business model. Eliminate was okay, but that's the only game of their's that I've enjoyed since then. They are really a cut-rate developer now as far as I'm concerned.

I was a huge fan of we rule. Reached highest level and then my 3G couldn't handle it anymore. Always crashes now. I think I'll try this when I update to the 4

I am a fan of the "We" series. Besides the occasional crashes and the down server, ngmoco this time fixed some flaws which make the game a bit fairer for those competing for a place on the leaderboard. We City is a big improvement from We Rule and We Farm and I really enjoy it.

I am an iPhone 4 user, and I downloaded We City. But the connection to the server is so bad. I always got "Connection Lost" notice. I love to play We City, but the connection is really borthering me. Anyone can help?

Will this one crash less often than We Rule? I wanted to play it but I had to give up and delete after a couple days. This is because I couldn't get anything done in the app because every time I opened it, it would crash within a couple minutes.
Since I upgraded to IOS4, all my apps crash. I'm actually thinking about rolling back to IOS3. BUT, We Rule crashes way more often than anything else. It was just unusable. My other apps, most of them are still usable. They only crash once or twice a day, instead of every single time I open it like We Rule.
I also didn't like We Rule because it wouldn't tell you what any of the buildings were for or what you need.

You can find evidently some sort of bundle to help you identify relating to this. My partner and i consider you've made various nice elements on options likewise.

There's evidently any bunch for you to identify regarding this. I just believe you've made various decent ideas inside functions even.

Hey im an active we city player. Order from me and I will order from you no matter what your level is. ID is