Note & Share for iPhone/iPad review [give away!]

Note & Share is a note taking app with support for iPhone and iPad. It is a universal binary so you won't have to purchase them separately. Note & Share also offers integration with several different services. Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote, Google Docs, and Mail are a few popular ones that Note & Share easily integrates with.

Note & Share also supports markdown as well. I recently wrote a review on Markdown Mail, so I was eager to see how Note & Share stacked up against it. I'd say it fairs pretty well. Setting up your services is easy enough and sharing to them is even easier.

When you launch the app, you'll be presented with a text entry box. You can simply start typing your content and then choose how you want to share it. Or you can optionally just save it as a note locally to your phone with a simple tap. You can also clear the entire text entry field with one tap, which is a nice feature.

Note & Share also supports image upload as well. You can choose your media and it will shorten the URL and insert it into your note.

When it comes to exporting to Evernote or any service that supports hashtags, it will recognize those as tags and import accordingly. Your first line of text will also be used as the note title, similar to the way Markdown Mail will title notes.

The interface is not as simple as Markdown Mail's but its still extremely easy to use. I expected the interface to be a bit advanced considering it supports many more features than Markdown Mail does.

If you're looking for a note taking app that allows synchronization and upload with several services, Note & Share is probably the way to go. If you're just looking for an app that allows markdown conversion and offers a way to send HTML rich e-mail, you may want to give Markdown Mail a look. Both apps are extremely good at what they do and neither is a bad choice. As of right now, Markdown Mail is $1 more than Note & Share. I'd say for the extra features, spring for Note & Share.

The developers of Note & Share were also nice enough to give us some promo codes to give away to you guys. Wanna win one? Leave a comment below using a valid e-mail address. That's it, you're entered! We'll pick 2 of you to win free copies of Note & Share!


  • Integrates seamlessly with several services
  • One tap delete is a nice feature
  • Hashtag support for tags in Evernote works great
  • Markdown conversion is extremely simple


  • Text entry field is small on iPhone version and scrolling can be daunting when working with long notes

TiPb iPhone 3.5-star rated

TiPb iPad 4-star rated

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Note & Share for iPhone/iPad review [give away!]


I'm a little confused here. Why do I need a note-taking app to share with another note-taking app? Can you type into this more easily than you could type directly into Evernote?

Sounds like a great app. I would love to use this to sync notes to Dropbox. The fact that it supports markdown is good because there are many times when I want to use bold, underline, and bullets.

Looking for a good note taking tool that exports to Evernote. Would love to give it a try.

Look's like a great note taking app. Love the way in intergrates with so many other programs. Would love to give it a whirl...

Looks sweet, and as always, great review! I could definetly use this app to type up my own personal reviews on my iPod Touch for my gadgets and their software :) Typing and writing reviews is one of my hobbies that I partake in when i'm sitting around, looking for something to do. I'd be very grateful if I got a promo code so I can sync with my Dropbox account.
Once again, great review! :D

Cons.....Text..small..on iPhone, what's an iPhone?
Interesting, you can included an image in the note.. Wouldn't mind trying this app.
Typed in on my iPad:)

Been looking for a great note taking app for a while, something that syncs with services, especially Dropbox, is a must for my needs, this looks cool.

looks like something I can make very good use of while compiling ideas and inspiration for my design work. I want.

It's funny that I was about to go put this on my "Want it" list on appshopper and I ran across this. Would love to win a copy for free. Thanks for the promotion!