OpenAppMkt provides "App Store" for HTML5 apps


OpenAppMkt aims to be an App Store for HTML5 web apps. Apple considers HTML5 web apps to be the second major iOS platform, and the unregulated one where you can find everything from Google Voice to porn. OpenAppMkt lists them, features them, and includes ratings. Well, except for porn; they don't include that. Google's Voice web app currently has 4 stars though.

HTML5 apps can apps initially open in Safari but with a tap of the + button and a Add to Home Screen, they can cache locally and work, more or less, like native apps. They don't perform quite as well and can't do quite as much -- yet -- but they work surprisingly well for an ever increasing ranges of things.

Unlike Apple's web app gallery, there's even an iPhone version of OpenAppMkt you can add to your home screen. If you give it a try, let us know what you think.

[OpenAppMkt via Daring Fireball]

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Reader comments

OpenAppMkt provides "App Store" for HTML5 apps


Using it and have already downloaded Sudoku Superstar, and Deviant Art. Really enjoying the usability of it, and the interface. Sleek and easy.

Mine just shows the splash for maybe half a second, then crashes on my 3G. It was a nice thought though :P

Not bad at all. OAM has lots of potential. I don't think it's a replacement for cydia, rock, or the AppStore just yet.

Some pages won't let you scroll all the way down and scrolling seems a bit sluggish. On iPhone 4 too.

It's dumb and it's slow. sorry but web apps are just not as good as the real deal, with the exception of google's.

Hmm, one app crashed and seemed to try to install a wallpaper on my iPod Touch. could it be a malware backdoor, like the ones you hear about on Android?

I tried installing the google voice app through this (which from what I can tell is the actual google webapp repackaged) and some weird things happen. It loaded (very slowly) fine at first, then I couldn't access gv at all either through the openappmkt or directly at GV. I recieved a messages saying it couldn't load the page because there were too many redirects.
I tied clearing my cookies, still nothing. I went back in and I saw that it said my cookies were completely disabled. It was not set that way before, I really don't understand how it got changed.
Anyways, I ended up deleting all traces of this from my phone. It was weird what happened, and it didn't load any quicker. It did not make me feel to good about the whole thing.

It's pretty cool. It operates separate from Safari, which makes it feel like a real app. Note: Brickbreaker doesn't work on mobile devices. Makes me wonder why it's in the store.

It actually works with Safari. It's just made invisibible by some code Apple provides to any web developer.

I agree. Need to research this more. Some on web blogs are saying possible malware, but no real evidence. The walpaper problem on droid was real. Seems like this is more of a bookmark, add to home screen program. So that opens it up to less security in checking an app before adding it to their list. I would not trust it until I know their policy, and what they are responsible for.

Since I updated my 3GS to iOS4, I can't use any WebApps that open in an own window, only those that open in Safari work and those aren't really WebApps. The WebApps all close instantly when opened.
At least it seems like I'm not the only one.. hope it gets fixed soon.
Does it have something to do with my Jailbreak, or do people without JB have this problem too?