Passbook for iOS 7 to support scanning QR codes

Passbook wasn't specifically mentioned during the iOS 7 announcement at WWDC 2013, but it appears to be getting QR code scanning support on the new version of iOS. Seen here in this press shot from the iOS 7 portal at, the stock Passbook card clearly shows a "Scan Code" option in the top right-hand corner.

There doesn't seem to be any information specifically on this, but it would appear that Passbook passes will soon have the facility to be added by way of some form of QR code. Perhaps this will help drive adoption of Apple's digital wallet, but who knows. We'll no doubt find out more in the coming weeks and months.

Source: Apple

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Passbook for iOS 7 to support scanning QR codes


Hi yoware,

I was my understanding that the 'scan code' function was for bar codes and not for QR codes. Give it a try on a loyalty card with a bar code and let us know what you find.


New hardware requires software to drive it. So if you saw 'NFC' in an app's 'share-to' list (share to Twitter, Facebook, SMS, email etc etc.), that would indicate that something was coming with the hardware. Maybe it will appear on later versions when the hardware is finalized.

They'll add that software if they announce an NFC based iPhone. They won't tell people now to out them off buying an iPhone for 12 weeks.

I would tend to agree. I find myself using other apps, even for things hooked into Passbook.

As the passbook itself is developed more advanced:, as well as more people are realizing the convenience it brings to us, it will be widely accepted step by step then. It's a brand new lifestyle Apple designed for us. Waiting for the big surprise!!!!!

The Scan Code tool, built into Passbook (iOS7 beta version 1) is a great addition. Many businesses are already enjoying the benefits of distributing Passbook Passes via QR codes (at point of sales, or via traditional media for example) but the number one feedback from the end customer has always been "what's a QR code scanner" or "which scanning app should I use". Now Apple has built this into Passbook (iOS7) it's going to be a synch for anyone to grab a Pass via a 2D Barcode (of course the other distribution channels remain too - email, website, SMS, MMS, social media etc..)

Obviously the Scan Tool is only available to everyone when iOS7 is publicly released, but for developers who want to experiment with Pass distribution methods, we've added a QR code in the PassKit Pass Recovery email. And for PassKit Passes where there is no dynamic or user editable content the QR code in the Pass Designer (Distribution Tab) is also compatible with the Scan Tool.