Pebble firmware updated to version 2.4


A firmware update for the Pebble smartwatch is pushing out today, bringing the watch to version 2.4 and fixing a slew of bugs and annoyances. You should get a notice that a new version of the operating system is ready for you via the Pebble companion app for your smartphone, or you can dig into the app itself and manually check.

As mentioned, the update consists of mostly bug fixes. The changelog:

  • Fix a potential crash when using scroll layers or animations
  • Added support for realloc
  • Added a gbitmap_create_blank function to create empty bitmaps of a fixed size
  • Added number_window_get_window()
  • Fixed a crash with atan2_lookup when high input values were used
  • Fixed a bug where TupletInteger could not be used with unsigned integers
  • Fixed several bluetooth reliability issues
  • Fixed a case where the "Setup notifications" banner would erroneously show in the iOS Pebble app
  • Fixed a bug with the music app where media playing faster than real time could not be paused
  • Fixed a bug where the notifications view could show a rapidly increasing counter for number of notifications when first displayed
  • Fixed a bug where switching watchfaces could cause the same watchface to be relaunched

This basically means that the people building the apps for your pebble have a few new features in the SDK to build better apps with, and some of the bugs that may affect current apps were taken care of. We love hearing about both.

Anyone else get the update today? Shout out with any experiences in the comments.

Thanks, Jamie!

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Reader comments

Pebble firmware updated to version 2.4


"Fixed several bluetooth reliability issues"
I hope this fixes the machine gun fire of repeat notifications.

Mine is updated as of about an hour ago. We'll see how it turns out.

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I would buy and wear a Pebble, except for one thing ...

I already did that in the late 1990's. It was called a "Palm Pilot."
It too, was a funky looking, low-end, low-res, 8-bit, plastic thingie that happened just BEFORE the powerful devices that replaced it actually appeared.

It won't be long now until folks are going ... "remember Pebble watches?"