Pebble watch heads to Best Buy, but what about those missing pre-orders?

Pebble, the smartwatch that took Kickstarter by storm, is heading for mainstream retail by way of Best Buy. While that's an undoubted success for the guys that make the Pebble watch, it leads to some potentially questioning times for those folks who are still waiting since backing the project early on, or who made an early pre-order. After all, does sending watches to Best Buy help those folks receive theirs any quicker?

Pebble will be available initially in black, and will be in stores from July 7. For anyone not so familiar, it connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and provides a wrist mounted interface for such things as SMS messages, Email, incoming calls and the like. With an SDK available for developers, the possibilities open up further, and getting these onto more wrists should help grow the third-party ecosystem some.

But, there are still people waiting on their watches who backed the Kickstarter project, along with folks who made early pre-orders once Pebble was ready to go. I'm one of the second of those types of people. My order went in on January 9, and while I haven't yet been charged (thankfully) I'll have been waiting 7 months almost to the day when Best Buy start selling the Pebble. 7 months without any kind of update, any kind of potential timeline to receiving my watch. And, since I don't live in the U.S, Best Buy isn't an option.

So, if shipments haven't been made to folks who wanted them a long time ago — presumably because there wasn't enough stock to go around — is Pebble sending units to Best Buy going to help these people get theirs any quicker? As Jerry Hildenbrand over at Android Central points out:

While not being able to fill demand is a problem many companies would like to have, you never want to leave a bad impression on your early adopters.

I suppose that's the ultimate question here, what kind of impression has been left with those people who pledged their faith, and their money some time ago. How many of you guys are early adopters and still waiting on receiving your Pebble watch? Or, maybe you managed to get one, eventually. Whatever your experience, I want to hear from you. Is it similar to mine?

Source: Engadget, Android Central

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Pebble watch heads to Best Buy, but what about those missing pre-orders?


This is really infuriating. I pre-ordered my black Pebble last November. Granted, I didn't pay ahead of time, but I asked them to set one aside. They began shipping in May. I haven't received a thing. Not an email. No bill. No shipping date projection. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for these devices making their way to brick and mortar stores, because the more they sell, the larger the development community, and that bodes well for consumers. However, Pebble should do right by their early backers and fulfill those orders FIRST, and verify they're in hands before moving out on a retail deal. I will never get involved in a Kickstarter campaign or its remnants again. I'll await a retail purchase opportunity only.

just throwing it out there... how do we know best buy wasn't one of those early pre-orders? i have to think after such a successful kickstarter campaign that some sort of retail company would have contacted them. sure they should have stated on the pre-order page that it may be available at retail prior to your pre-order shipping. not to mention we have no idea how many best buy buy has available, could be limited to select stores and it could be 2-3 per store. now if they haven't fullfilled all the kickstarter backers then this move is total bs.

Ordered a Jet black one at the beginning of February. Needless to say, I am really disappointed by this. On the flip side, if I can get it sooner rather than later, I'm probably going to jump at it. We'll see how it all shakes out.

Ordered January 10th. I sure hope when they eventually send out notification that they're ready to take my money that I have the opportunity to tell them where to put their watch. They've lost me permanently as a customer.

I never got my Kickstarter pledge - I cancelled it after a year of waiting. Good thing, cause this would have REALLY set me off if I was still waiting.

I recieved a confirmation email that pre-order shipments actually started week of June 3rd, and that all Kickstarter backers had been filled. I was instructed to hang tight, that my turn would come sometime this summer. Now I'm wandering wether I should hang out for the iWatch?

Oh well. Could be worse. Much worse.
Just hit Macworld and search for "Starfish, Buzi, Did you hear me? I'm done talking to you."

Definetely will check this out next week when it hits stores, but I think I may hold out to see what Apple has in store (iWatch? Apple Watch?). I would be pretty unhappy too though if I was someone who helped get their company up and running from the get-go and was being given the cold shoulder.

It is not just happen to Pebble, but happen to other similar "Watch" project start by Kickstarter... order been place since Jan, now just received the email order been shipped, been consider cancel the order and buy the iWatch from Apple released in near future, as I believed is much reliable when come to order agree to consider be a backer for any project start by kickstarted...

I ordered mine in black within a few days of launch, and received it back in February/March. there have been problems reported in making the other colours, and whilst there was often no hard date for the watches of various colours to be supplied by, there have been one or two updates on progress per month from Pebble, before and after I received mine.

It's not just the hardware that has had problems, the SDK was way overdue too. and there are still issues with the device ceasing to connect after a Bluetooth dropout. hopefully iOS7 will fix the last issue with its background multitasking.

Overall though, its the sort of experience you have to expect from Kickstarter, at least they have got there in the end, which not everyone will. I think the Ouya pre-orderers who saw it in the shops before they received their own machine have more to complain about.

I registered for one in april and well I'm still waiting for it desperately :( I think it's easier just to cancel our orders and buy on from Best Buy or it's new website.