Phone Different Podcast 31

This week: we can't stop talking about the App Store and what it means for developers. We recorded before 2.2 came out, but expect it to be the topic du jour next week for iPhone Live!

We have our final entry to the App Pack Contest! It's the Mobi Cradle -- everybody likes having a backup cradle. To qualify this week, you just need to do one of two things:

  1. Register in our forums
  2. If you're already registered, sign a friend up! Just head to your "User Control Panel" by hitting this link. You'll find a link at the top with your "referral link." Send that to a friend and when they use it to register, you'll be entered to win. You can enter up to FIVE times by referring FIVE friends!

As a reminder, here's everything you'll get if you win!


How To

iPhone as Mouse and iPhone and numberpad


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Phone Different Podcast 31