PhoneSaber Soon to be LightSaber Unleashed!

We mentioned before that PhoneSaber, everyone's favorite free iPhone dueling app, was pulled from the App Store over copyright issues (THQ, see, has sole mobile rights to all things Star Wars), but that it would soon be making it's triumphant return. Now developer Mac Box is telling us how, and it seems the Force (Unleashed) will be with it, and best of all -- it will still be FREE!

The new version, Lightsaber Unleashed, will have a strong link to the new multi-platform title Star Wars ®: The Force Unleashed™, which is out soon. Lightsaber Unleashed will feature exciting characters from this new game as well as vastly improved graphics, sound effects and optional dueling music (which was a popular request).

We've tried out the Force Unleashed demo on the PS3, and the crazy physics simulations therein pretty much blew our iPhone-loving minds. How will Lightsaber Unleashed fair? C'mon, they had us at "free"!

(Though the designers in us aren't sure about the midiclorian levels of those icons... Hopefully they'll be tweaked to something decidedly less nerf-herdery before release day!)

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Rene Ritchie

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PhoneSaber Soon to be LightSaber Unleashed!


Cool, that looks so much better than the original (which I've still got). I'm glad it's still free - it'll go well with my Unleashed when it arrives. Now, if only they can get some Star Wars games for the iphone/touch.

Hi Erin! I too wandered here from the NaNoWriMo peptalk. I loved the pep-talk, and I'm loving your website even more. I'm seriously considering splurging on a purchase for myself (eeh, gads, right before the holidays) and pre-ordering your book, it sounds like it's right up my alley, as I too am fascinated with fairytales and magical worlds. What's a girl to do, right? Anyway, thanks so much for your encouraging (and entertaining) words.