Do you wish there was a faster method to getting photos from your camera to your iPad than ( There is! The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit is a nifty little accessory that allows you to plug an SD card into your iPad or directly connect your camera to your iPad via USB. This is excellent for quickly transferring photos from your camera without needing to use your computer as an intermediate step.

To find out how to transfer photos from the Camera Connection Kit to your iPad, follow along after the break!

  1. Purchase the Camera Connection Kit from Apple
  2. Choose the appropriate connector
  3. Plug in SD Card or camera via USB cable
  4. Connect Camera Connection Kit to your iPadiPad 2 with Camera Connector USB
  5. Photos app will automatically launch and load the pictures from your camera (USB) or SD card
  6. Tap "import all" or individually select which photos you want and tap "import selected"
  7. Once the import completes, you will be prompted to either keep or delete the imported photos on your SD card or camera. Make your selection.
  8. Unplug Camera Connection Kit.

There you have it! Now you can quickly transfer photos from your camera or SD card to your iPad.

If you have any other tips regarding the Camera Connection Kit or have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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