Daily Tip: How to get photos onto your iPad with the Camera Connection Kit

Do you wish there was a faster method to getting photos from your camera to your iPad than (http://www.imore.com/?p=62168)? There is! The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit is a nifty little accessory that allows you to plug an SD card into your iPad or directly connect your camera to your iPad via USB. This is excellent for quickly transferring photos from your camera without needing to use your computer as an intermediate step.

To find out how to transfer photos from the Camera Connection Kit to your iPad, follow along after the break!

  1. Purchase the Camera Connection Kit from Apple
  2. Choose the appropriate connector
  3. Plug in SD Card or camera via USB cable
  4. Connect Camera Connection Kit to your iPadiPad 2 with Camera Connector USB
  5. Photos app will automatically launch and load the pictures from your camera (USB) or SD card
  6. Tap "import all" or individually select which photos you want and tap "import selected"
  7. Once the import completes, you will be prompted to either keep or delete the imported photos on your SD card or camera. Make your selection.
  8. Unplug Camera Connection Kit.

There you have it! Now you can quickly transfer photos from your camera or SD card to your iPad.

If you have any other tips regarding the Camera Connection Kit or have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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[via iTunes]

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Daily Tip: How to get photos onto your iPad with the Camera Connection Kit


So what happens the next time you sync it with iTunes? Does it make you sync them back to your pc? And maintain them in folders?

The camera connection kit is great. However, does anyone know how to remove the photos once they are copied? I like to use my iPad to view and backup photos when travelling via the camera connection kit, but find it incredibly tedious to remove them after as it seems you have to do it one photo at a time. I know that iPhoto can import and remove the photos, but that option doesn't work for me as I use other software to import. It would be nice if you could manage the photos in iTunes after they are copied to the iPad, but that option doesnt seem to exist.

You can delete / email / copy / or print multiple photos on the iPad by clicking the symbol in the top right hand corner, then selecting each of the photos you want to (say) delete, and once you have them all selected simply click the red Delete button top left. It is very easy to do once you know.

When I connected my ipad to my PC. Windows read the ipad like a digital camera and I was able to see the ipad with a camera icon when I opened "My Computer" and use the Windows Photo Wizard to transfer the full resolution picture to the PC. If that does not work you can also use Photoshop to transfer if you open Photoshop and click File then Import and you should see "Via Apple Ipad" as an option.

The camera kit is a good solution of getting pictures on the iPad without using iTunes
In addition to the camera kit I also use an application called Photosync(http://www.photosync-app.com/). Using this application I can transfer photos/videos from my Mac/Pc or IPhone wirelessly to my IPad. Its a great alternative to the camera connection kit, which I regularly mislay.

Does anyone know if this camera connection kit works for the iPhone 4 too? IE can I take videos and pictures and import them straight onto the iPad with this kit? If not is there any other way? Will this kit let me import videos as well aspictures?

The kit does not work with iPhone 4, only iPad. You can use it howerver to transfer iPhone 4 pics & video to iPad with it.

If you have a USB drive you can name a folder on it DCIM and it will work with it as well

Anyone considering purchasing the camara kit needs to also consider getting an Eye-Fi X2 card instead. For the price of a high-end SD card you can transfer photos wirelessly from any camera right to your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or favorite sharing site, just by turning both devices on. (No, I don't work for the company. I'm just a satisfied user.)

I use an eyefi (wifi sd card) in my camera instead. It's even easier to get photos on my iPad/iPhone. While my camera is on, I join the wifi network created by the sd card in the camera. As photos are taken they appear in the eyefi app. I can save them, share them, edit them immediately. It's really fun with two people. Lots of times my wife shoots photos with our Canon SLR while I simultaneously review/edit/share the photos she shoots on my iPhone. The coolest part is that no cables are required. Another neat feature is that the eyefi has a special mode, where after it has transferred an image, it will remove it from the SD card so that you have an "infinite" drive.

Your assuming your iPhone has an infinite storage? Just because you remove it from one device to another does not make infinite storage, unless of course you have infinite devices. That again is infinitely impossible.

It' amazing how easy they made it sound. I had to rename each of my photos before mu iPad would even recognize my photos. Is there any easy way to convert filenames?

My only problem with the camera connection kit is that sometimes you get these import folders hanging around even if you delete all the photos in them. It's weird, sometimes it shows up in photo apps, and you can also see them when you view your iPad from your laptop. But then sometimes they all disappear too.

Great device!!! We can use this method to transfer the photo or converted video to the SD card and then import this to the iPad. This would be easy too.

When I downloading photos using camera kit the same photos are opening in two albums,
Last Import and All Imported. When deleting photo from one of them it's also deleted from another ??
And how I can rename album?

I cannot get my ipad to pull up pics from either an SD card or USB connection. Any suggestions why this may not work???

I love that--but how can I get it to also add the image name to the photo? I use my ipad to show clients their photo--but they have no file name on them. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks!

i am doing exactly that but seem to be getting 2 album one that says last import and all import when I try deleting one of the albums all the photos get deleted from both albums

I to am having trouble. I connect the camera connection kit but to no avail. Nothing happens. If anyone. Knows whats going on...please let me know.

I managed to get as far as DCIM on iPad. Put in my memory card and connected to the kit. Waited. Waited again but no pics sported. Can anyone help

I got my photos to my iPad using my sd card but I can't with my camera. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, can someone help me?

I was able to load my pictures onto my husband's IPad 2 but not my original IPad. Can you help me. Why can't I load the pictures onto my original IPad?

I was able to load my pictures onto my husband's IPad 2 but not my original IPad. Can you help me. Why can't I load the pictures onto my original IPad?

I was able to load my pictures onto my husband's IPad 2 but not my original IPad. Can you help me. Why can't I load the pictures onto my original IPad?

I was able to load my pictures onto my husband's IPad 2 but not my original IPad. Can you help me. Why can't I load the pictures onto my original IPad?

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