Promo codes for App Store in-app purchases potentially on the horizon

In-app purchases

Based on a current promotion with Real Racing 3 that's offering free in-app purchases, the ability for app developers to hand out promo codes for in-app purchases may be in the works. Currently, those who purchase Real Racing 3 (an EA title) are being offered a "Handful of Gold" via an email promo code to receive in-game currency, which is then redeemed in the App Store.

Developers have had the ability to give promo codes to purchase paid apps — often used for giveaways or reviewers — for some time now, but the ability to give away free codes for in-app purchases is a new one. It isn't clear right now whether Apple has a specific deal going on with EA to offer the "Handful of Gold" promotion or if it plans to open it up to all developers, but this could be yet another way for publishers to get people hooked on freemium titles.

Source: AppleInsider

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