No Promo Codes for Apps Rated 17+ -- Including Browsers?!


TUAW reveals that since Promo Codes don't show ratings information, Apple is simply excluding any app that's rated 17+ from the Promo Code system , including any app that embeds a web browser or 3rd party content system which may provide a gateway to a naughty word, the Kama Sutra, or offensive lyrics.

We'll just add this to the list of things we'd adore Apple to fix, and now...

Rene Ritchie

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Mailia says:

Even the Ninjawords app is 17+ and it's just a fast dictonary. rolls eyes

sting7k says:

It seems that porn app that did the switchero on Apple has ruined for everyone. Now they are paranoid that every thing that connects to the internet will sneak in dirty pictures.
[more eye rolling]

JBaby_9783 says:

Apple is on crack! Whoever came up with this mess needs a swift kick in the nads! Steve please fix the app store!

JustinHorn says:

It should be easy to fix. They just have a popup to verify age after entering the code? Maybe it requires a new iTunes client, but then it can just reject certain codes if the iTunes is < X version. I guess it's just not worth the hassle to them?

Rob says:

I have teens and pre-teens and think Apple's efforts to keep the App Store relatively clean are good. I have no problem with this. I also think the restrictions settings should be able to block embeded browsers in addition to blocking Safari, You Tube, etc.

matt b says:

i think this is crazy... i mean a devoloper should have full rights to their app even if it is 17+ because well, they made it.

Rob says:

My app problem halved which is due for release this week may have a 17 plus on it.
Does this mean I can't give out promo codes for people to have a look at it?
Seems stupid to me.
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