Quick App Update: Boxcar 2.0 Push Notification for Twitter, Facebook, and Email -- Via In-App Purchase


Boxcar [$2.99 + In-App Purchases - iTunes link], a push-enabler for iPhone and iPod touch originally launched with support for a couple of Twitter clients. Then it added a bunch more. As several Twitter clients now offer support for push themselves, what's Boxcar to do for a 2.0 encore? Add Facebook and Email push, of course, as well as Twitter Search and Twitter Trends.

Okay, sure, some major Twitter clients like Tweetie and Twitterrific still haven't added push support, so if they're your go-to apps, Boxcar may still be a go-to middleapp. Likewise, while Google supports Gmail now via GoogleSync, Exchange users can't hand over their only ActiveSync slot, so email push-enablers still have their place. Lastly -- and it's a big lastly, while Facebook 3.0 for iPhone just launched, it did so without push support, and so if you don't want to wait for 3.1 to get your push on, well, here's your middleapp for that as well.

But... it comes with a price. The $2.99 app price comes with one service built in. If you want to add another, like Facebook, you need to make an additional $0.99 in-app purchase. Email, that's another $0.99. Twitter Trends and Twitter Search likewise. And since you can have multiple Twitter, Email, Twitter Search, etc. set up, you can go from that base $2.99 to $4.99, even $9.99 or more. Basically, you pay for what's valuable to you. If you're working customer service and being push-alerted when your company (or your competitor!) and the word "problem" hits Twitter, $0.99 is a steal. If you don't care about trends or searches, or Facebook for that matter, you get a cheaper entry price for the app.

So, whether this particular app is worth it to you, and whether or not the in-app purchase upgrades are worth it to you, we're liking options and being able to choose -- and pay for -- only what we find of value.

So, if you need push now and you decide to try Boxcar 2.0 out, let us know how it works for you, and what you think of the pricing model!

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Reader comments

Quick App Update: Boxcar 2.0 Push Notification for Twitter, Facebook, and Email -- Via In-App Purchase


I'm using Boxcar for Facebook Notifications - awesome stuff! I no longer have my email inbox littered with Facebook notification emails... just the pop-up alerts!

I bought the boxcar app when I heard it would soon support multiple accounts and facebook. There was no mention of inn app purchases at that time. I feel like I have been ripped off now. Personally, I think you should have to rerelease an app to have in app purchase, not just update it. Updating it is confusing. So they can sell you the app now and advertise it as you get everything right now, and then ad in app purchases next month. Gotcha. That's crap. It should have to have in app from the beginning. Just like you can't have in app on a free app. I love boxcar for push Twitter, but I feel like I've been scammed and will no longer be recommending it to anyone.

I have two questions... First Boxcar lists on iTunes that it will send you push notifications for Facebook. It also says it will send you a push if somebody comments on your status.Does that mean you receive a push alert if somebody posted something on your wall. Second, will Boxcar work with Google Voice like Prowl does.... I use Prowl to get push for GV when I get text messages & Voicemail.

just updated and installed the facebook addon, and works ok, but just a quick warning, it does not push you when you get an inbox message. AT the end of the day its not a major problem, ive spent less then £2 buying the app and the addon and will see me through until fb 3.1 and tweetie update. (Tweetie seems to be been rather dead for a while which is a shame) anyone heard anything about an update? seems crazy as its one of the best out there

so if i buy the app, ,i can choose facebook as my one installed that comes with it? or do i have to ;pay extra for facebook on top of the app?

Any chance the push email would put less of a strain on my battery as the current google sync push email does?

I have to say that this in app purchase thing is making me nervous. What's to say that whenever you buy an app from now on that the devs just charge you another $.99 for updates?
This should be a free update for current boxcar owners. I refuse to support devs that nickel and dime their customers like this.

Maybe you should change the post subject title Quick App Update: Boxcar 2.0 Push Notification for Twitter, Facebook, and Email — Via In-App Purchase | TiPb to more catching for your blog post you make. I loved the post withal.