#RateFriday: Go to the App Store and rate 5 great apps right now!

#RateFriday: Go to the App Store and rate your 5 great apps right now!

A while ago we asked everyone to take a moment and rate their 5 favorite apps. We really wanted to do something more regular to encourage everyone to give great developers and great apps the great feedback they deserve, but weren't sure how to go about it. Well, Luc Vandal came up with a brilliant idea: #RateFriday.

2014 resolution: Will now rate apps I enjoy (most) fridays. I encourage you do so. Helps both developers and app discovery. #ratefriday

And we're going to steal it! Every Friday we're going to help encourage you to check out their Home screens, see which apps meant the most to you that week — the ones that helped, delighted, encouraged, entertained, informed, or simply made you smile — and rate them in the App Store.

Not only does it help the developers, but it helps us by rewarding the best apps — the ones we want more of! (If you really love an app, and really want to help out even more, take a moment to gift it to a friend or family member who'll love it too!)

Some weeks we'll do this as a blog post, some weeks as a Tweet, or Facebook, ADN, or Google+ post, or YouTube video. Whatever it takes to help get the word out!

Once you've rated your apps, let us know which ones you rated in the comments below. We'll pick one of you at random, and give you a $10 iTunes Gift Card just to say thanks for being awesome (and because who doesn't love gifts, right?)

Ready? Set? #RateFriday!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 26 comments. Add yours.

Rene Ritchie says:

I just rated:

  • Philips Hue
  • Sonos Controller for iPhone
  • Tripit
  • Delivery Status Touch
  • Screens VNC (thanks Luc!)
thejerryong says:

Tweetbot 3 5/5. #1 Twitter app for me.

Instagram 5/5. Need I say more?

Messenger (Facebook) 5/5. Makes it a lot easier to chat on Facebook.

Soundcloud 5/5. Where I listen to trance, updated by the DJs themselves.

Infinity Blade 3 5/5. Been playing this game since it was released.

carrickfergus says:

My top five:
Sonos controller for iPhone

Munale says:

By this same account shouldn't we be rating 5 crappy apps as well?

iSRS says:

I didn't take this to mean the apps must be five star apps. I think 4 stars is perfectly fine for an app that is great, you enjoy, but has a few things that would take it from a great app to an app that you "can't live without. Is perfect in every way" app. That is, generally, how I think about it.

4 stars is a great app, has room to be even better.

5 stars is a great app, that you can't imagine it any better. Bonus points come in to play for things like exceptional customer service. Example, shopkick. To me, the app is, currently, a 3/4 star app, but because it is an exceptional experience anytime I contact them, 5 stars, no question.

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kritter217 says:

Great idea!

My five for this week:

Smallworld 2
Bible (life church.tv)

hggs says:

My five apps this week:
• Fantastical 2
• Reeder 2
• Tweetbot 3
• Riposte
• Scanner Pro

tejibains says:

My five apps this weak

iSRS says:

Love this idea. I have a few staple apps that were recently updated, so started there, as each version needs updated reviews/ratings for updates. My list for this week?

D Point DVC Point Calculator - the perfect app for Disney Vacation Club Members. (Reviewed it as well)

Southwest Airlines

Shopkick - I use it a lot, deserves a rating. Upgraded from a prior low rating as they have been terrific about fixing issues and responding to problem tickets

Verizon FiOS Mobile

The Adam Carolla Show

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blewaway says:

My five apps:
• Tiny Wings HD - best iPad game, I played this game thousands of times and still can't get to island 11
• Retro for Instagram - best Instagram app for iPad
• Tweetbot 3 - Use this 10 times a day, would gladly pay for it twice
• Alien Blue - My reddit pleasure
• Mailbox - Swipe swipe swipe

Becjr says:

My latest 5 rating contributions include:

Vert 2
La Luna: The Story Project
Clumsy Ninja (review update)
Mactracker (review update)
ClassDojo (review update)

(* 99% of the time, I only rate an app if I have I have constructive feedback that I feel can assist the developer to improve their app. The other 1% is reserved for app developers that are obviously attempting to milk people of their hard earned cash.)

Quarks_ says:

Great idea Rene, if you see a problem, find a solution, think 5 is too many though. I've done 3 and it took about 5 mins. Get everyone to tweet their choice as well. Just need to offer a random prize a comment or tweet with #ratefriday and it will take off.

dkampmann says:

Perfect Weather 4/5, Video 2 Photo 5/5, Amazon 3/5, PBS Kids 5/5, Genius Scan 5/5

Idelgado782 says:

I just rated:
TD Bank
Evernote (I actually updated my rating and gave it five stars explaining a fantastic experience I had with the customer service team!)

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psudoc64 says:

Love the idea! My top 5 this week...
Lose It

htownpastor says:

FitnessKeeper 5
Instashare 5
Scanner Pro 5
Evernote 5
Mail Pilot 4

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whatmudkipz says:

I rated Twitter, Snapchat, Minecraft PE, Multiplayer for Minecraft PE, and of course the iMore App :)

Premium1 says:

I don't think any app deserves a 5/5 simply because that means the app is perfect and never needs another update. I rated some 4/5 because there is still room for improvement.

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zdn1042 says:

I really like the idea. Here's mine:
Fantastical 2
Convertible: The Perfect Converter

Anthony_Burk says:

I rated 12 Days of Gifts and Jake & Amir giving them both 5 stars.

iamkarl says:

Happy to participate in #RateFriday and congrats to imore for this initiative step.
Here is my list:

Tweetbot 3
Simpleplayer music app

Brady KEITH says:

> Apps Gone Free (*****)
> Converti (*****)
> DEVICE 6 (****)
> Filterstorm Neue (****)
> Movies by Flixster (*****)

Jim Spencer says:

As a parent, I rates to family apps that may not be on most people's radar.

Pearson PowerSchool 3/5
iAllowance 5/5

Ry4n_P says:

I rated my top five apps of the week
1. Ten
2. OLO
3. Angry Birds Go
4. Apps Gone Free
5. Yahoo! Weather

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Tyler Y says:

My top five this week:

thundersky says:

I rated these apps and games

1) Angry Birds GO

2) SoundHound

3) Rayman Jungle Run

4) Tiny Thief

5) Flipboard