Real Racing 2 HD updated with 1080p video-out

Real Racing 2 HD has been updated with the support for 1080p video-out and dual screen gaming support on the iPad 2.

  • Full HD 1080p TV-out and dual screen gaming support on iPad 2. Experience Real Racing 2 HD like never before in stunning, true 1080p while real-time racing telemetry is displayed on iPad 2
  • Enhanced visuals for Alkeisha Island and San Arcana tracks on iPad 2
  • Memory optimizations to minimize crashes
  • Various minor improvements and fixes

When playing in dual screen mode, the iPad acts as a steering wheel for driving your car in addition to showing other information pertaining to the race, like the course map.

Who's excited about this? If you pick this one up, let us know what you think! Also, make sure to check out the demo after the break!

[$9.99 - iTunes link]


Leanna Lofte

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There are 8 comments. Add yours.

Gardner says:

Makes that $40 a little more tempting

dillacom says:

It is really cool as a concept and I hope to see more apps use it. I have a hard time looking down at the map and driving at 200mph around corners though. I can see this being used on other games/apps and really taking off

Blizzardice says:

Does it do airplay to the apple tv?

RodneyJ725 says:

Agreed! I wish this would airplay to Apple TV, and work with iPad 1.

cybertyspn says:

Haven't tried this yet but it seems I have enough trouble keeping the HDMI adaptor plugged into my ipad 2. Flipping the ipad around during the race is sure to work it loose.

dloveprod says:

Yeah, mine sometimes slips out when I move it while watching a movie or tv show.

JNGold says:

Lose the wire, gain a sale.

ipodfreek says:

now how about enabling this video out feature for the iPhone 4?