Review: Mobi Products World Wall Adapter for Dual S&C Cables

Are you a frequent international traveler? Are you always confused by international electrical outlets? Have you realized that there are a gazillion different electrical outlets requiring a gazillion different plugs? Well, the Mobi Products World Wall Adapter for S&C Cables for iPhone 3G, iPhone ($34.95) tries to simplify the tangled messy world of cables by giving you almost every solution in a simple adaptor. How does it perform?

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The design is quite simple, it looks minimally more complicated than a classic adapter. But the truth is, the Mobi Products World Wall Adapter is a multi-faceted tool that packs a lot of versatility in one body. You have options for charging via US outlets, British Outlets, or European Outlets and at the same time carry the same options for charging from US, British, and European electronic devices.

Specifically, if you are from the United States and need to charge your iPhone in the UK, it’ll work. If you’re from the United Kingdom and need to charge your iPhone in the United States, it'll also work. It'll work both ways, more ways, and pretty much always. With the Mobi Products World Wall Adapter, your country and destination is likely covered if you’re reading this on the Internet. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife for travel adapters.

Also, the charger has two USB ports available for charging. Thank god USB is universal because if each region had their own USB, well that would be more of a doozy than the electrical outlets.


I found the Mobi Products World Wall Adapter to be a very convenient accessory to have when traveling. I was in Europe for a couple weeks and my only adapter was this Mobi Produts Adapter and it worked flawlessly. I didn't have to go searching for different adapters for different countries and different electronic devices; I was easily able to charge my laptop, iPhone, and camera with this one adapter.

The On/Off switch and Indicator Light made it easy for me to determine if the adapter was working and its light weight made it unnoticeable when moving from station to station. However, because the adapter includes so many different charging capabilities, it is a little bit bulkier than ideal size, but this can be forgiven since the adapter packs so many features into one device.

The execution of the Mobi Products World Wall Adapter is smart and purposeful. It all is designed to look like a one piece device but when put to use, the usefulness of all three adapters shines through. The inclusion of the three main electrical outlets allows the adapter to be compatible with over 150 countries worldwide. There are also built in surges and spikes protection system to protect your electronic devices from potential damage.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a travel charger that simply does it all in any circumstance with any plug, look no further than the Mobi Products World Wall Adapter. Traveling without charging fear is traveling with a peace of mind. I found it incredibly easy to interchange the adapters and overall, a breeze to use. If you are looking for a great travel charger, you can’t possibly go wrong with the Mobi Products.


  • Simple, Straightforward Design
  • Two USB Ports for Charging
  • As close as you can get to a Universal Charger


  • A tad bit bulky

Final Rating: 4.8/5

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Review: Mobi Products World Wall Adapter for Dual S&C Cables


Does it actually convert the voltage or does your charger/device need to be able to convert it? If not, I didn't know that the iPhone can be plugged into different voltage outlets. That's pretty handy.

Almost everything with the little box that plugs into the wall (i.e. iPod chargers), or a regular plug with a box somewhere along the line(i.e. most laptop chargers), will convert the voltage. The output voltages are usually only between 3-10 volts as opposed to 120 volts in the US, or 240 most other places. The "box" that plugs in, or along the cord, will usually say "input: 120-240v, 50-60hz" which means it'll convert the power, however some don't seem to say they'll convert the whole range, just the voltage they were designed for.

Looks like it can handle it but I don't know if it will step down the voltage. The picture of the adapter on its back, and upside down, has some writing on it. Seems to day 100v-250v,

you will find all the product range from our website, there is a special convertor that converts the voltage as some of you have requested and use in 150 countries around the world. We have the pa-ppi-380 (above) which has 2 usb ports, the pa-ppi-350 for those who just 1 usb port, and the convertors for the american market, for wholesale, and distribution enquiries please contact OEM packaging offered. For press enquiries please contact

Thanks for the review. It's helpful. However, there are some details missing. For example, can this device be used for non-Apple products? Would it charge a Sansa Fuze or a Sansa Clip or Creative MP3 player or a Kindle?
Also, do you know what amperage and voltage is provided by the USB ports? Is it 500 milliamps? 1 amp? 2 amps? And if it is 1 amp, for example, is that 1 amp divided across the two USB ports if you plug in two devices? Do you get 1 amp on each port or only half an amp on each port? If you plug in two devices, do they charge slower than plugging in one at at time?
You mention electrical outlets in the US, Europe, and Britain, but that is a small part of the world for travellers these days. It would be better to specify which type of plugs it has to see if it will work in Asia or Africa or South America, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
You mention the Off/On light and the Indicator lights being helpful, but you don't specify what those are. How is an Off/On light different from an Indicator light? What information do these lights give you?
Thanks for any other information you can provide!