Rumor: Facebook buying Gowalla

Rumor: Facebook buying Gowalla

Facebook is apparently, buying Gowalla. If you preferred Facebook Places, you're probably already using it. If you preferred Gowalla, well, looks like you'll soon be out of luck.

Most of Gowalla's employees, including founder Josh Williams, will move to Facebook's offices in Palo Alto. The team will work on Facebook's Timeline feature, which launched at this year's F8 conference and is gradually rolling out to Facebook's 800 million members.

If this pans out, best guess is the Gowalla iPhone and iPad apps aren't long for this world.

Will you switch to Facebook? Foursquare? Or is this it for you, time to check out of check in?

Source: CNN

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Reader comments

Rumor: Facebook buying Gowalla


Wow really Gowalla was not the popular one compared to FourSquare. I'm a foursquare fan this really will boost Gowalla's user base. FourSquare just became the little brother.

This won't really boost Gowalla's (rapidly declining) user base at all, I'm afraid -- because they've basically bought the company and not necessarily the product…! Actually I'd say it's just a matter of time until Gowalla as an app or service disappears completely…
Which makes me really, really sad…

With recent updates to Gowalla, their userbase declined rapidly. They completely changed how gowalla works and what you do with it.
Don't know what Facebook would want with a social "sharing stories" application that nobody uses anymore .

Gowalla ruined their service by removing pins and items as well as trying to force the 'story' concept on users. If Facebook reinstated the fun elements of the service they might be on to a winner. Shows what an abject failure Gowallas revamp was.