Daily Tip: How to save App Store app data with DataDeposit [jailbreak]

Restoring your iPhone and re-jailbreaking, and wondering how to save your App Store app data? We recently checked out how to use appbackup to save App store app data but now there's a new app on the block called DataDeposit. What's unique about DataDeposit is that you won't need to save any files via SSH or iPhone Explorer. It simply backs up your app data to your Dropbox account. Awesome, right? Hit the jump for a quick walkthrough!

Backing up your app data

  1. Download DataDeposit from [Cydia](http://www.imore.com/2010/12/26/cydia-jailbreak-app-store/)
  2. Make sure any apps that you want to back up are not running in the multitasking tray. If they are, simply [close them out](http://www.imore.com/2010/11/24/beginner-tip-home-button-works-ios-42-ipad/). (I completely emptied out my multitasking tray before backing up data.)
  3. From the main screen, select Backup my save data. You'll be prompted to sign into your Dropbox account if you haven't already done so.
  4. DataDeposit will populate a list of apps you have installed. Tap the app you would like to create a backup for and select Backup.
  5. Once you're done backing up all the apps you'd like to be able to restore, go ahead and restore your device and re-jailbreak.

Restoring your app data

  1. Once you have re-jailbroken your device, re-download DataDeposit from Cydia.
  2. Launch DataDeposit and this time you'll select Restore from Dropbox.
  3. DataDeposit will automagically populate all the apps you have restore points for in Dropbox. Simply go through the list and restore any backups you'd like. Again, make sure they aren't running in the multitasking tray.
  4. You're done!

I didn't have too many issues with DataDeposit but there were a few instances where a backup didn't sync up to Dropbox for some reason. So before restoring, I'd make sure your backups really are in Dropbox. I have Dropbox installed on my iMac so I made sure my Mac gave me a notification that it received the backup file for an app before I proceeded onto the next one. If you have issues uploading to Dropbox, there is a setting under change options that allows you to turn off HTTPS uploading to Dropbox. Try that if uploads or downloads fail.

I would really like to see a backup and restore all option added at some point too. Either way, DataDeposit definitely made it a bit less painless to restore a jailbroken iPhone. If you guys try it out, let us know what you think!

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Daily Tip: How to save App Store app data with DataDeposit [jailbreak]


Too bad Xbackup doesn't work. I tried restoring a backup and it failed. Manually reinstalled every app and had my phone crash a few days later. Tried it a second time and it failed again. I've downloaded and removed the app multiple times. Every backup takes a second, so I know it's not saving my data.
Don't trust it for your Cydia apps.

@crazymikesappsIs the graphics in the Ipad seem ertager than the current mobile Iphone/Itouch? or is it relatively the same because the Ipad has to support a bigger screen? Was this answer helpful?

So this means we can restore as new phone but still keep our save game/app data? Hmm I might have to try this app next time I update and rejailbreak :)

Yes and it's free. But you need to upgrade your fiwarmre to 2.0 buy plugging in your phone and opening up iTunes and click UPGRADE. It should back up your information and in about 15 minutes you will have the 2.0 and Application store as an icon on your iphone home screen.

I like this app but why do all this when you can just do a fresh backup in itunes? I transfer all of my apps into iTunes and as a precaution I have I also find the backup files and put those on a separate drive. The only issue that I have with this is that I have some apps that are over 1GB like Tomtom and Navigon but I only have a free 2GB Dropbox account.

Anyone else getting "...404: file not found" in Cydia? I'm trying to install DadaDeposit and that's what I keep getting.

"Why Apple hasn’t figured this one out, I have no idea."

Well, that's no surprise. New phone means new phone. Think about it. :roll:

if anyone wants to back up just text messages Google iBackupBot. Not sure if there is a mac version. It's a little awkward to use but lets me restore my jb phone as new, and keep my sms (and app data if I choose so)

Hello, I hope anybody can help me. I want to transfer app data from reno air races app from ipone 3gs to ipad 2.This used to be possible with Open Feint, but this is no longer option. I have been trying this app, appBackup and other ways to transfer app data, also with jailbreak apps replacing the files. Restoring the data with itunes also did not work. the game always returns to the old data. Somehowe its keeps retrieving the game cente data.
Is there a way to avoid this, or is there a hiden file on the phonethat must be changed.
all help is welcome, not just for me but more players are looking for answers.
for little more onfo see www.vlie101.nl, thanks.