Screens 2.0 review: The best designed, easiest to use VNC app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Screens for iOS and Mac giveaway -- enter to win $50 worth of apps!

Screens VNC, the best designed, easiest to use VNC app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, recently went 2.0 and now handles remote computing better and faster than ever before. Even better -- we've partnered with Edovia Inc to put both the iOS and Mac versions of Screens VNC into the hands of 5 lucky readers! That's $50 worth of apps for each winner!

For a chance to win, just leave a comment below! The contest begins now and ends Sunday, March 4 at midnight PST.

$19.99 for iPhone and iPad - Download Now

$29.99 for Mac - Download Now

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Leanna Lofte

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There are 409 comments. Add yours.

Daniel says:

I would use this so much! Would solve so many problem! I have tried multiple apps that say they do this but really don't. That's why I've been hesitant to spend the $50, plus that's big money to spend based on past experience! Hope I am lucky enough to win this!

Scott says:

A proper vnc client would be great to help manage my media for my wife and kids from my office.

jrephoto_op says:

Great!!!!!! I want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

infiniti says:

I want to remote into my imac.

Jimny says:

This would be awesome for work.

onlineboypr says:

As a dj that constantly use mac and iPhone this would be a great tool for me!!! i Hope i win

CPFB says:

Sound great! Thanks for running the contest. :)

Alex says:

Every Edovia app I've used has been top-notch. From what I've heard of Screens, this is no exception. Hope I win!

Ken says:

this would be a great way to get the files I always seem to forget to leave the house with.

PDJM says:

Awesome app. Wish I could get it! *wink *wink

Nate says:

Please pick me! id love to win and use this on my multiple macs!

Daniel Pinho says:

I love iMore and I love giveaways. So, I'm at the right place! ;)

Sutasinee says:

Screens VCN is my wish list app. It will be nice if I can win .

prewanabe says:

This could actually come in really handy. I'd like to throw my name in the hat for these apps please.

Jrres says:

Wow this looks great, very useful.

killthepig says:

i would love to win, please pick me!!

asfrank16 says:

Would live to get this app. Would help out quite a bit.

SpacePsych says:

Would love these, I have an iMac, an iPad, and iPhone.
These apps are too expensive though, so I would love the giveaway!

Arnab says:

Having not won anything from TiPb, sorry "iMore," I would say this is gonna be the one! The screens apps are beautiful, and I would love to have them.

Drew says:

I use Logmein today, but have been wanting top compare it to Screens for a while.

Sean says:

Sounds great! hook me up!

Bryan R says:

Id love a good VNC app to help control my 3 Macs!

Mark C says:

I've tried iTeleport & logmein but Screens looks better.

Emeroid says:

Have always liked the look of this. What better reason to try it than it being free?

Evermore707 says:

This would be a great app too have. Nice contest too. Good luck.

dan says:

I've been considering this on the ipad for awhile, would love to win it!

metfuel says:

I would definitely love to have these apps!!

Sandy says:

Looks like solid software. I would like it if there was a demo so you could see how it runs on your machine/internet connection, but there is not.

Lori says:

I'd love to be able to compare it to iTeleport, so here's hoping I win!

Dnny3000 says:

This looks like a deacent bundle. Count me in for the giveaway.

Joe says:

I've been looking for a VNC client for awhile. Haven't been able to get one that I like, yet.

robertpetry says:

Looks better than the Logmein that I use. Can I win it please? Thanks!

busterbuster says:

I've had my eyes on Screens for awhile...It would be great to use to VNC into my MacBook while on the go!

JT says:

I would definitely use the app. Thanks!

Mark says:

Looks like a great tool.

aamir says:

Its great....Would love to win

Chris says:

Sounds good to me. Let's go!!

Michael says:

Hell yeah! :o)
I really want Screens!!!

John says:

Great giveaway! hope not too late :p

Corey says:

These ARE the Apps I was looking for!! (hand waves across your face) ;)

iMactouch says:

Hey, that would be great to win Screens!

Harry says:

I would really like to win!

Thyra says:

Please send the codes to me. .-)

George H says:

Been strongly considering these, really hoping to win.

HawaiiGuy01 says:

I'm very interested in this giveaway and the newest most useful Remote linkage to my devices. Please, I'd love to win.
Aloha from Hawaii!

KekoaLani says:

Aloha, this would be a great addition to my best collection of useful apps. Mahalo for the chance to win!

andy_hoffman says:

Pick me pick me! Love your blog by the way :)

Volty says:

Looks like a great tool. I'm using iSSH at the moment. Any chance to control the iPad from the Mac?

jeroenb42 says:

Very nice giveaway guys! Would not mind winning this one at all :)

rufy says:

great app for my iphone and my Mac

Bernd K. says:

I already own Jump Desktop but Screens sounds more promising. Specially that you can switch between different desktops. Jump can't handle that yet.

Gian Carlo Fernando says:

This are a must-have apps for your Apple goodness. Thanks iMore!

mady53 says:

outstanding.. would be great to win ..

iMaddin says:

Cool! I'd love to win the Mac version!

Dan says:

This is an awesome contest!

Fisch says:

See it by a friend and i love it.

Lukas Bestle says:

What a great app! I hope I can get this beautiful UI in a great app without paying it...

vidit_chaudhary says:

How much we love the Mac, iPad and iPhone. I'll love to share the things on my Nac with my other iOS device.
Amazing giveaway.
Guys at iMore,nyour doing great work. Steve Jobs would have loved it :D

MickBiel says:

I've been looking for a good VNC app for ios. I think Screens would work great.

dloveprod says:

Does it also send audio?

Firas says:

This is awesome. Can actually do work from Timbuktu.

smmiami says:

This would be great. I could used this.

Kevin Ernsberger says:

Pretty cool looking app. Would love to have this.

Tape says:

a comment! here's to winning!

MBD says:

I want and need this amazing app badly, please pick me. I would really appreciate it!

Gaston says:

This would help me out a lot. Good luck everyone :)

rebel5fx says:

This will definitely replace what I've been using. Thanks for the chance

Jay Mobile says:

The only thing better than seeing these apps would be to win them PICK ME!

Jeff says:

Would love this for college. Be sooooooooo nice

kennerknecht says:

A great app and a great giveaway. Thanks!

spindel22 says:

A great VNC app is always a plus since I'm on multiple devices throughout the day.

s.davis9 says:

Lets see how this goes... I would love a desktop app that works well but all are very tedious when completing simple tasks.

Jim says:

Nice apps! Would be very handy to have.

IrishLawd says:

Looks like the ultimate VNC app so count me in! Could come in very handy especially when I add iPad 3 to my iCollection :-)

shin.k.sky123 says:

A great app, like it, want it.

Miguel says:

So how does one enter this sweepstakes?

Nemesis says:

Wow, very useful app to me. Hope to win. Thanks.

Pat says:

Would love to win this!

Jenn says:

Can't win if you don't at least try. :)

asksteevs says:

I want it. I want it bad! :)

iChingon says:

Would love to get the iOS version to be able to access my homework documents when I leave my Mac at home and I'm at school

IMFSHN says:

Looks to be a worthwhile update. Well done.

Chris says:

I like VNC, but I've been too cheap to buy Screens… I guess if you gave it to me that wouldn't matter anymore. :)

onlineaddy says:

Would love to try out Screens.

NoLoveLost says:

I've been waiting giveaway like this for long time! Thanks Leanna! Thanks iMore!

Kordis says:

Screens is a must have for Mac users. I wanna have it too! :D

S.Jackson says:

Fabulous! Please give me a free copy for this. I want it badly! I luv iMore!

brakekru says:

This is a great bundle of apps that you're giving away. Count me in.

Rene Thomhave says:

The best remote control app by far in the appstore. Hope to win it!

MikeCTZA says:

Looks like the best VNC app for iOS/OSX hands down, would love to be the winner of a copy !!

Charlie says:

Nice giveaway, I'd be pleased to win!

bielefeld says:

I would really love to win! I could use this all the time for work!!!

robbieg1010 says:

Beautiful app...would love it!!

themoff says:

Been looking at this app for a while. I hope I win it :)

Jamie Shaw says:

Really would love to the try the Mac version.
Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top.

Eric says:

Just started following the site. Keep up the good work.

Anthony says:

A very nice application. Its UI looks differently better than the ones I've used. Really want it for free. :)

Enid says:

Looks like a really great suite of apps, I often need to access VNC servers at remote sites so would be a perfect thing to have installed on my iPad & air

Shadowphax says:

Would really appreciate a win :-)

Lalit Lohia says:

I was quite impressed when I first lerant about Touch Pad from which prompted me to come to Endovia site and when I looked into Screens presentation I was quite impressed.
I use OSX and Parelles on my Mac and have been connecting to my Comp remotely using Cloud Connect & Desktop App but after Screens preview these Apps look primitive.
I would love to win this contest and get the giveaways so that I can use it on all my three devices.
Besides, Screens I am also impressed By the presentation of Mr. Rene for and also with the site itself. I am going to be a regular visitor to this site hence on.
Keeping my Fingers X'd and hope to WIN!!
Lalit (iPhonegeek) :)

L.Sigma says:

Looking forward to get a free copy with all my heart. Screen is a totally solution for me.

Tirone says:

Wow, exciting stuff! Looks like an amazing app.

Luis says:

It would be awesome to win this amazing apps!

Bobby says:

Thanks for the opportunity!

Yuri says:

Great Apps. Looks like it could be the best replacement for all other VNC clients. Definitely want to win.

RRobinson4633 says:

This app looks great!! I would love to have this one!!

MSG says:

Hail iMore! This is very useful to Mac & iOS user like me! I hope I will be one of lucky winners :D

Jamie Shaw says:

Looks really brilliant - help a poor student out :(

Kendrick W. says:

Awesome sauce!! I would love to win this!!

brandon says:

check out my new website i have any phone on layaway....

BlackMamboo says:

I heard from some people that it works perfectly. And I really want for it. Maybe this is a perfect opportunity to try. Thanks iMore for this great giveaway. ^_____^

Wolvonio says:

It must be lovely to have it! Thank you very much.

Jamie Shaw says:

Would be a great little tool to have, as a student, would allow me to leave my MacBook at home and should control it from my iPad if need be.

Jesse says:

This would be perfect for my public transport commute!

HenryT says:

This is exactly what I need. I'm so exciting about this contest!

windflower says:

I’m very interested in this amazing app. It would be my total solution. Please, I’d love to win. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope to win!! Thanks iMore Thanks Leanna!

BMM says:

These are a must have apps. Thanks iMore! God! I luv you so!

Takeo Tanimizu says:

This is greatest giveaway I've ever seen. If I have chance to win, I will be very appreciated with all my heart.

Thomas says:

Screens looks like a well made program. Wouldn't mind to win both programs!

ladhaz says:

Thanks for the chance to win!! I really like your site and the new direction(s) you are taking it.

fellowweb says:

Hey iMore team,
This would be such a cool birthday present. :)
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Florian Taltavull says:

Screens for Mac would be awesome! I own it for iOS and love it using it a lot.
Would also be great to be able to control my Mac from at home when I'm somewhere else like University!

Samhain says:

i have read lots of reviews about this app, and was wondering, how fantastic this app can be? It seems everyone loves it without any excption. To be honest, I barely use VNC at all. Because I used to think it just don't work. But this time, I really wanna to give it a try. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope I can be the lucky one. Many thanks for this chance to win.

Jorge says:

I'd love to have these useful apps!

Candace says:

I would love to win this!!!!