Send YouTube videos to your Xbox One from your iPhone or iPad

It's almost zero hour for excited folks who've got an Xbox One on order, and as the reviews of Microsofts latest console start to hit the web, a couple details have emerged regarding the YouTube app. There is one present on the Xbox One, and according to Jon Fingas at Engadget there's an amount of integration with your iOS device as well:

We've checked the app on our Xbox One test unit, and there's an additional treat in store for mobile viewers: you can use YouTube's Android and iOS apps to send videos to the console.

Not the first device in the world to integrate with mobile YouTube clients, but definitely an interesting feature for anyone who's snagging an Xbox One. The level of integration with your smartphone is already pretty impressive with the new Xbox One Smartglass app, and we're sure that there's much more to come down the line.

This sound like something you'll be making use of?

Source: Engadget

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Send YouTube videos to your Xbox One from your iPhone or iPad


When I heard about the Xbox One I thought it was really neat but when I saw the price tag I was like never mind would rather use that for an iPad or something to that effect.

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Now, good luck in finding an Xbox One to use it with. Tried in vain to grab a Day One model off Amazon, and it looks like it went to scalpels selling it on eBay and Craigslist for about $200 more on average.

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As soon as pre-orders were announced I was able to grab one and I look forward to playing it tomorrow. Amazon better not screw up the shipping. If you are looking for one you might want to try your local Sam's Club/Costco if you have a membership.

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I would love it of Apple would develop the Apple TV into a gaming console/entertainment box. iOS 7 has game controller support, now all they have to do is develop an official controller and implement an Apple TV App Store that includes games.

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It seems half of my media consumption comes from YouTube now-a-days (curse you Husky! [kidding]) so this is a nice feature, however considering I have an Apple TV by which I usually get my YouTube fix, I'm not sure how thrilled I am about a feature that I really already use via another means.
I do think it's a good move that this system will support that option, though. Thumbs up.