Skype Taken Over Canadian App Store Categories?

Yes, the Canadian App Store Categories tab really is all-Skype, all the time and has been for me since just after iPhone 3.1 launched last Wednesday (and no, the irony isn't lost on us). Since App Store is fed by the web, I figured Apple would realize it and fix whatever feed needed fixing, but so far no such luck.

I tried TUAW's workaround -- switching to the US App Store an back, but iTunes intercepted me saying I couldn't change stores until I'd spent whatever iTunes credit I had left in my account, and my rentals expired (I don't currently have any rentals -- the only one expired last weekend).

So I'm back to hoping Apple realizes it and fixes it, but if anyone does come up with a repeatable user-end fix, do let all of us Canadians know in the comments.

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Rene Ritchie

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Skype Taken Over Canadian App Store Categories?


If you can has eat some draguns, this will be go away.
I didn't even realize this had happened, I always search for apps.. Wow.. what the phack

LOL!!! I thought i was the only one with this problem! I even restore my iPhone a couple of times. I'm surprise I didn't hear of this before since is been like that for 4 days...

wonder if since the Skype app was just approved in Canada if they have a deal worked out for a little free publicity

It's pretty obvious to me that the Skype application, as happened with Boxed In earlier, was simply the top selling free application (or in total?) at the time. Looks like the category list collapsed down to "App Store" and so all the spots get filled with the same "category" and top selling app. Sure is annoying, though. Let's hope it gets fixed soon.

Good to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I just got the 3rd gen Ipod Touch so I was thinking what the heck?

Just Googled this App Store problem, which brought me to this sight. So I was just going to show my husband what everyone was complaining about and guess what? Suddenly all the App categories were available and back to normal. Guess finding this site was the fix.

Okay something weird is going on here. If I close this web site all I get is "Skype" Apps again. However, if I keep this page open at same time that I open the App store then all the catagories appear like normal. Am I missing something here? Just seem strange to me. Anyone else have this happen?

That' s so strange! I have tried it about 10x throughout the evening and it does the same thing every single time. If I close this web page and then open the App store all I get for categories is Skype. But if I go back to this particular web page and then open up the App store again all the categories are suddenly available again. Works everytime! But for me it only works when this web page is open, if I try doing it with a different web page open the problem is back again. I'm doing it from my iPod Touch not an iPhone. Not sure what you're using or if that even makes a difference. It's just plain strange! Hopefully they fix the problem soon.