Skype relief is finally coming with notifications only on the device you're currently using

Soon Skype will only bother you on one device at a time

Skype will soon be doing more to curb notification noise on your devices. The company has announced a new feature, known as "active endpoint" that will contain chat notifications to the device that you're using, rather than alerting every single device. For instance, if you're chatting using Skype on your phone, your computer and tablet will remain silent.

From the Skype blog:

If you are signed in to Skype on multiple devices (a laptop, tablet and a smartphone) and you are sending chat messages to a group of friends from your tablet. Skype will only send new message notifications to your tablet and not to any of your other devices. All of your other devices will remain blissfully silent. You can continue to focus on the most important thing, your conversations, without being disturbed by the bleeping and buzzing from all of your other devices.

When you stop actively using a particular device, all of your other devices will begin receiving notifications once again. Active endpoint will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks. Skype encourages you to update to the latest version of the app on all devices in order to get the best endpoint experience.

What do you think of Skype's efforts to reduce notification headaches? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Skype

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Reader comments

Skype relief is finally coming with notifications only on the device you're currently using


Facebook needs to do this so that when I'm sitting there actively browsing on my laptop and I get a message from someone I don't get that same message notification on my iPhone and Moto X which are probably a foot away from me.

Doesn't it already do it? It never wakes up my iPhone for a push notif if I'm using Facebook on my computer, and the annoying bleep sound on computer doesn't occur if my phone gets the notif.

I get that, it dings all over the place, the iPad, the iPhone, the Nexus 5, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 I keep for guests to use when they are here. It's like a dawn chorus. LOL. Come to think of it, I should just log out of that Galaxy Tab 3 and it would be one less.

When I have Facebook for Windows 8.1 Open, or the Web Site in the Active Tab, it only dings at the PC. The Phone still gets a Notification and the Notification LED blinks, but it doesn't do a Notification Ringtone.

Once I close the app or switch to another Tab, it resumes giving ringtones everywhere, including the Smartphone, the Windows 8.1 App (Toast Notifications), and the Background Tab (Notification Ringtones).

It can get finicky, occasionally, but it's been working as expected lately.

That'll be a welcome update, but Skype still feels a bit broken on mobile. I deleted some chats recently and they mysteriously returned a few days later on the same device.

Sent from the iMore App

This is a pretty fantastic algorithm to handle this concern. It is happening with quite a few apps at this point. I'm actually sitting here on my machine hearing Hangouts tones coming from my desktop, laptop, iPad, and iPhone...

Makes me want to log out (and delete it).

Seeing as how Apple has borrowed a lot of other ideas from other companies, i.e. multitasking from Palm, this is the one thing I wish they would blatantly copy for iMessage. It's so annoying to be texting on my phone and get notifications on my MacBook and iPad. With iOS and Yasemite coming it'll get even worse cus it won't just be iMessage texts anymore, it'll be your sms texts too.