Skype updates again, still no VoIP over 3G


There was a minor Skype update last night to version 1.3.1 to add support for iPhone 3.2/iPad but the most noticeable thing was what was, once again, missing: Skype VoIP over 3G still wasn't turned on. We're happy to get bug-fixes, we're glad about compatibility updates, but when AT&T gave the green light for VoIP over 3G back on Oct. 6, 2009 (and Skype applauding them for it), Apple allowing it in the iPhone 3.2 SDK agreement, apps like Fring, iCall, and Truphone updating almost immediately to VoIP over 3G at the end of January, and Skype promising we'd see it soon on Feb. 4, we have to wonder (and ask on Twitter) -- what's going on?

Some believe their recent dealings with Verizon have put Skype over 3G for iPhone on the back-burner, or have derailed it completely. If that's the case, however, given Skype's previous statements an update telling us so is certainly in order. If not, those millions of Skype for iPhone app downloaders would still like an update, thank you very much.

The stage is all yours Skype, can we get another update on that VoIP over 3G update?

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Reader comments

Skype updates again, still no VoIP over 3G


Skype should at least change that lame text saying 3G calls are not allowed due to "contractual restrictions." What contract???? All such limitations are lifted.

@ Jtz5 VoIP is voice over ip. Which means you can make calls over your data connection w/o using your minutes...

I really don't think most of us were betting to get 3G capabilities--especially after Skype/Verizon announced their relationship. I just hope it comes back and bites them where it counts. I'm curious to see how this will impact fellow iPhone users in the rest of the world. VZW might pretty well be paying Skype money to keep 3G away from users outside the US as well. If that is the case, I hope someone goes after them.

Well, Skype can do 3G calls, but you need a jailbroken iPhone and an app called "3G Unrestrictor" that you can buy from ModMyi at Cydia. Greetings.

At this point its ridiculous that they have yet to allow calls over 3G. Hopefully competition will compel them to do otherwise.

Whatever, dudes. Skype on the iPad turns the unit into a kitchen "hub" that is "always on," plays music, streams music, plays video, streams video, streams news, provides great weather reports, plays games and can also make calls. That is tres cool.
Anyone that is using their phone so much that they need to worry about their minutes and is clamoring incessantly for Skype 3G might be talking too much on the phone. Just my humble opinion.

Skype is backing an aging horse. Dumping Iphone for the Blackberry could be their biggest mistake.

Voip over 3g saves on long distance minutes which is a big deal outside of the us especially if you commute

Its not just Skype doesnt allow VOIP over 3G, even if you are using Ipod touch with Wifi + VPN, you get the same error, its so pathetic to see when you arent using 3G and still getting such message.

Hey can anyone tell me if this affects Mobilesubstrate or Voipover3g? I use Skype all the time using this method and it works incredible over 3g. I tried fring before i jailbroke and it Sucks..It is like talking in from inside of a coke bottle..Silly. Anyways..I don't want to update and find out that skype has blocked me somehow...Should I worry? maybe better not to update? Cheers...Burgash

I would just suggest to everybody to relax about this 3G thing on the Iphone, whenever this will be released there will be the push notification problem and the incapability to stay live in the background... it will be worthless then more than now! just relax and forget about skype on the iphone, they will never fly!