Skype not working for you? You're not alone

Skype, the most popular VoIP (Voice over IP) service on the planet, has been down for many users for almost a day now. Users either can't log into Skype or if they can, when they try to place a Skype call they're told they're offline. It's the same if you're on the desktop or using the iPhone app. You just can't connect.

We typically use Skype to record our iPhone Live! and iPad Live! podcasts, so last night we had to scramble to find an alternative (we ended up using iChat voice) but for businesses that have come to rely on Skype for critical communications, it was a cold reminder that no service is immune to outages.

Do you use Skype? How has the service worked for you over the last 24 hours? What alternatives have you come up with in the meanwhile?

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Rene Ritchie

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Skype not working for you? You're not alone


Seems to be working here in Canada this morning, but was down all day yesterday. Connection kept dropping every few minutes and the majority of messages never got through.

I live in the US and my girlfriend is currently spending winter break in Venezuela.. yeh, this outage have been crashing on me.. thanks steve we both have iphone and use facetime to communicate... i hope skype people resolve this asap..

I live in Ukraine and use Skype every day. Didn't notice anything odd last time. Maybe it depends on an area you are in?

I find alternative, this is yahoo messenger
Video call for iPod 4 or iPhone 4. The best apps.

Experiencing the same issues here. If you're up to trying something new, there is a site called TinyChat which allows multiple users to cam chat in the same session. I'm not sure how one would go about recording such a session, but it's available, and there's no need to create an account with them.
One of the things I used to love about TinyChat is that you can make your own url's such as and it will only last for the duration of its use, unless you make a permanent account then you can name your own url permanently. I'm rambling and I promise I'm not trying to advertise it.. haha. Just wanted to offer some help.
Lets hope Skype fixes itself soon.

There's also a service called Oovoo which I'm not too fond of, but it's very similar to Skype. In fact, it's the service I used last night while Skype was down, but only because my friend insisted on it so strongly. It worked fine, I just don't like trying new things.

down all day for me yesterday, and i had to make international long distance calls. I made a purchase with google voice and was saved by that.

My Skype has not been working properly for over a week: none of my contacts show up as online, and messages I have sent to people who have told me via phone that they are in fact logged into Skype have been showing the spiraling cursor of death for a week. I have found a few online news stories saying that on the 22nd and 23rd, Skype was doing some upgrades that took some services offline for some -- but my problem has been going on for much longer.

ooVoo is awesome, and unlike Skype (which was also down for me yesterday), it doesn't seem to hog computer resources and/or lock the webcam.

They tell you to delete a file that does not exist. Its bollocks ever since Microsoft took over.

I still have this problem where whenever I start my Skype, the whole thing freeze! Then it went online, soon after a millisecond of online, the program crashed or not responding. I have to start another Skype as soon i get the control which only last for few seconds. Then now Ican use any, even i use my method. after the update. sigh help please. Window 7 - 64-bits

Skype is not working this morning... Montreal, QC! That's weird, it was working well last night... :(

Skype is not working this morning for me (I'm in Arizona). I just get the "connecting" icon - it won't even let me right-click it to close it.