Has SlingMedia Player for iPhone Been Rejected at AT&T's Request?

We don't know. BGR originally posted that it had, but has updated with a comment from Sling PR saying they haven't heard from Apple one way or another yet.

While SlingPlayer was submitted quite a while ago, all we have right now are questions. Bandwidth is likely a concern for AT&T. Sure, they've had other devices running Sling Player for years, but suddenly dropping 10 million odd iPhones streaming video into the mix is a non-trivial concern from their perspective -- remember their quickly rescinded "new terms of service".

However, we're still keeping our fingers crossed. YouTube app runs off 3G, after all, and while Ustream was forced to be WiFi only for now, Sling Player should at least have that option over flat out rejection.

Or do we the people demand our Sling over 3G now? (Even if we have to still get a new SlingBox to enjoy it...)

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Has SlingMedia Player for iPhone Been Rejected at AT&T's Request?


At the risk of being called a nitpicker, it looks like you have an unclosed tag, creating a broken link, in the story. And, while I am nitpicking, it should be at AT&T's Request, not AT&T's Requested. :)

The FCC needs to step in and put a stop to this, if we pay for 5 gigs of bandwidth from att, they should not be able to tell us how we can use it. If we go over charge us but don't try to block us from using what we already paid for. 30 bucks a month and I use around 500 megs, I know they are loving it.

While I'm sure Sling Media would be thrilled, it's unlikely that 10 million people would be using the iPhone app.

I agree with Dionte. The FCC has to step in... Maybe a class suite action against AT&T will send a clear message. They should also change their plan name from "unlimited" to "capped". After all, that's what it is. I believe calling it unlimited is misleading. True we,users, don't really have a choice. Anybody know what the penalty is of you go over the 5 Gb cap?

Pyroxy: "Anybody know what the penalty is if you go over the 5 Gb cap?"
Alienation, loneliness, depression, animosity, sociopathic behavior...

I've been doing this with ORB for a while now! Using Windows Media Center of course...

THIS IS JUST DUMB, AT&T owns Slingmedia!
Also i have many friends with many different brands of phones through AT&T they all have slingplayer mobile. Something else is going on here..maybe they will try to shove the crappy mediaflo tv down our throats for 20-30 bucks a month?