Smartwatch Fans Podcast 00 - Ground Zero!

In our inaugural episode of the Smartwatch Fans podcast, Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson and Rene Ritchie join me for a quick podcast to get things started. There's plenty more to come, but for this round we talk about the launch of, our recent visit with Pebble as well as what to expect from CES for smartwatches (LOTS).

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Smartwatch Fans Podcast 00 - Ground Zero!


I don't understand the obsession with smart watches. I don't want to have to carry around one more pointless peace of tech. I stopped wherein gave watch in high school and don't plan on putting another thing on my wrist. This tech will never take off like the smart phone. Smart watches are an obsession of the tech bloggers and analyst, the common person doesn't care about this.

Smart watches are a big waist of time. We spent the last decade making smartphones better and better so we could carry less and less stuff with us. I am not about to start wearing a stupid watch after I finally was able to ditch one years ago. The same thing with google glasses, why do I want to start to wear glasses and look like an idiot. This is what bloggers and analyst want, not the general average tech user.