Spore Origins: Now Available in App Store

Well it's finally here. Spore! The game that we've been waiting for ever since the 2.0 firmware was announced.

It was released today and can be purchased at the App Store for a cool $9.99.

TiPb will be back with a hands-on review, but I played around with it early this afternoon and I must say it is a very well polished game that is worth it's price tag.

Got Spore? Show us! Visit us on TiPb forums and show off screen shots of your Spores here!

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Reader comments

Spore Origins: Now Available in App Store


I grabbed it last night also. Lots of fun so far. once I understand some of teh pros and cons of the different evolutions i am sure it will only get better.

I like it so far. I heard it's really short. Only 30 levels. But I bet there's a lot of replay value to it. Graphics are amazing. Controls are easy and great. I would like to see what will happen in future updates.
Great buy :)

downloaded this in my Philosophy-class yesterday, got totally addicted. Played last 20 minutes of the class and on bustrip home, managed to miss my stop and had to walk a couple hundred meters extra, but damn.. totally worth it, finished the lvl and got another upgrade! :D
Good game, 5/5