Square app gets updated for iPhone and iPad

Square is a mobile payment system that was started by one of the co-founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. It has built a lot of momentum recently and a ton of small businesses have adopted it because of its flexibility, ease of use, and straight forward fee policy. I use it for my own business and actually just chose it as my pick of the week.

Square just received a rather significant update that allows business owners to showcase their products through a feature called "virtual shelves". While the update makes its way to both iPhone and iPad, you'll notice more differences in the iPad version. The iPhone version has a re-designed UI but virtual shelves is currently only available to iPad Square users. You can now add product variations and sort items into shelves. Hit the jump for a complete list of changes and more screens!

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  • iPad: Arrange your items into shelves, for easier browsing and faster checkout.
  • iPad: Small, medium, large; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry - create variations of your items
  • iPhone: Refined look and feel.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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Square app gets updated for iPhone and iPad


Perhaps of more interest to consumers would be Square's Card Case -- an iPhone app that is sort of an extended loyalty card for the customer to carry around for Square-using merchants. The participating merchant list is pretty small today at launch, but the concept has the potential to be very interesting down the road.
Square's cardcase page:http://goo.gl/UUJWg

The iPad update stripped photos from items I had set up in the app. Very annoying to have to go and add back in one by one.

I really hope that Square eventually makes its way to Canada. I am seriously impressed with the work that Dorsey and co are doing!

I second that. Square in Canada would be great. Small Business / Home Business could benefit enormously.