State of the Apps: Frank on App Store Love/Hate

Panic makes killer Mac apps. I use Coda daily, and Cabal Sasser designs UI the way they're meant to be designed. Likewise, Steven Frank's recent blog post on the double-edged sword that is Apple's App Store is one of the best descriptions I've seen on the subject from a developers point of view:

I've been trying to reconcile the App Store with my beliefs on "how things should be" ever since the SDK was announced. After all this time, I still can't make it all line up. I can't question that it's probably the best mobile application distribution method yet created, but every time I use it, a little piece of my soul dies. And we don't even have anything for sale on there yet.

The App Store is definitely a Hobson's choice when it comes to virtue and compromise. Sorta like being let loose in the fields of plenty after being bound and gagged and given a swift kick in the tenders.

If you're a developer, how's your soul holding up?

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Rene Ritchie

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State of the Apps: Frank on App Store Love/Hate


@camel jockey: You must give a * to have posted about giving a ****. I give a ** because the App Store is often ** and I want my **** Apps to be of good **** and none of the bad ****. I mean, **, can't they get their *** together and do some **** to make it work right? I do love the **** outta my iPhone and love putting **** on it, but until Apple stows their **** and gets the App Store working right, I'm **** outta luck.