T-Mobile thanking customers with a free season of MLB at Bat 14

T-Mobile thanking customers with a 2014 MLB at Bat season for free

T-Mobile U.S.A. is once again thanking their loyal customers with a free full season of MLB at Bat, this time MLB at Bat 14. That's the advantage of being an official MLB sponsor, and one T-Mobile passed along last year as well.

There's no official word yet on the T-Mobile promotion, but if you go to MLB at Bat on iPhone or Android, you should be promoted to redeem your 2014 free season. The current offer is valid until September 30, 2014.

If you're on T-Mobile and you managed to get your free season, let me know in the comments!

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Rene Ritchie

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T-Mobile thanking customers with a free season of MLB at Bat 14


Good for T-mo and its customers. Verizon is the official sponsor of the NFL and I get the privilege of paying extra for it! Verizon loves its customers!

Hi Rene, i am on T-Mobile and i Just Renewed my Free Full season of MLB at Bat that i had from Last Year. Once u Launch the App, u Should see the Promo Link.

(Awesome. T-Mobile u Rock)

Wow - T-mobile is a smooth operator. With all the perks they are giving away. They seriously have me thinking about jumping ship.

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If you are on Verizon you can easily test them out if you have an LTE phone since they are factory unlocked.

Buy a sim card pay $30 for a month of 100 mins and 5 GB of data and give it a try see if it works where you want it to.

Being a T-Mobile iPad free-for-life data subscriber and having never gotten around to being an MLB subscriber tempted me to sign up. Next, I logged into app on my iPad Air 128MB LTE cellular. Worked without a hitch. Go Seattle!