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British Airways implementing gate-to-gate device use from December 19

Following last week's news that British Airways would be the first major European Airline to implement the new relaxed regulations on electronic device use, we now have a time frame, and it's good news. As of Thursday, December 19 British Airways passengers will be allowed to use their personal devices during takeoff and landing for the first time.

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British Airways moves to allow use of electronic devices at all stages of flight

Following the recent FAA rulings in the U.S, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has now followed suit by relaxing the restrictions on electronic device usage during flight. One of the first major Airlines to move to get on board with the new guidelines is British Airways, which is currently in discussions with the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) over making it happen on its flights.

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EASA approves use of electronic devices at all stages on European flights

Following the recent FAA decision to approve electronic devices for use in all stages of flight, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published its own guidelines and it's good news for Euro flyers. The agency has approved the use of Electronic devices for all stages of flight, providing said devices are put into Airplane mode during travel.

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FAA may soon lift restrictions on use of iPhones, iPads, other electronics during takeoff and landing

A Federal Aviation Administration advisory panel will formally recommend that restrictions on use of electronic devices on aircraft be loosened. The formal recommendation will be sent to the FAA on Monday. If the FAA implements the recommendation, passengers will be able to use devices such as iPhones, iPads, and e-readers during takeoff and landing, according to the AP:

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Want to use your iPad during takeoff and landing? The FAA may soon allow it!

You may soon be able to use your iPad on flights during takeoff and landing, as the Federal Aviation Administration is considering loosening restrictions on devices that can be powered on during those times. The list of permitted devices would not include cellphones, and would be restricted to so-called “reading devices” such as Kindles and iPads, and all devices would be required to be put in airplane mode.

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F.A.A. reconsidering no-gadget policy during airplane taxi, take-off, and landing

A spokesperson at the Federal Aviation Administration said they are reconsidering the requirement to turn off your gadgets on the plane while landing and taking off.

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Jetstar Airlines to offer in-flight iPads for AU$10

Jetstar Airlines are going to offer passengers in-flight iPads for AU$10 per flight from April, pending licensing agreements with Apple. We reported that Jetstar Airlines had a successful trial period for a iPad based in-flight entertainment system, last summer with the intent to launch before Christmas, so it's safe to say things went well.

The iPads will come preloaded with movies, music, magazines, books, and apps, replacing the current in-flight entertainment systems. The launch will start on Jetstar A320 flights, but marketing manager David May says:

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