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Best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad: Watch and listen on the go!

Look for the best iPhone apps or best iPad apps to keep up with your favorite podcasts? Depending on who you ask, podcasts are either fringe media for geeks, the future of radio and television, or something in between. Apple embraced them years ago, providing an entire section in iTunes dedicated to making podcasts easy to find and easy to follow. They also created the iPod, and then the iPhone, and the iPad, making it just as easy to listen and watch podcasts anywhere and everywhere you go. Whether you're trying to get our podcasts — iMore show, Debug, Iterate, Review, or Vector — or any of the other great internet shows, the most important question is what podcast app should you use?

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In-app purchases now account for a staggering 76% of App Store revenue according to report

Love them or hate them, in-app purchases look here to stay. According to a report from Distimo, in-app purchases now account for a staggering 76% of App Store revenue as of February 2013. This has seen a huge increase since January 2012, where in-app purchases accounted for just 53% of revenue.

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ABC said to be working on an app that will let you stream live TV to your iPhone or iPad

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, ABC is currently working on an app that will let users stream live TV to their iPhone, iPad or other mobile device.

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Google refreshes its mobile web user interface to look more like its Gmail iPhone app

Google has announced that it has refreshed the user experience for its mobile web access to Gmail, Calendar, Google+, Web and more. The refresh has come about because of the positive feedback it has received since launching a revamped Gmail iOS app back in December of last year.

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Official Sony PlayStation 4 second screen app coming to iPhone and iPad

Sony held a press conference yesterday to announce its upcoming next generation PlayStation 4 console. One of the additional things that Sony also announced was a new app that would allow an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to be used as a second screen device with the PS4 console.

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Facebook rumored to be launching a ‘Find My Friends’ type app next month

Facebook is rumored to be releasing an app that will help you keep an eye on where your Facebook friends are at any given time. The app which is being compared to Apple’s “Find My Friends” is said to be able to run in the background and can automatically update with a user’s location so friends can easily find them.

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Super Bowl showcases Apple's AppStore vanity URL

In the midst of the Super Bowl advertising frenzy, CNET noticed the first big, public showcasing of Apple's URL shortener, right at the end of the trailer for the upcoming Star Trek movie.

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Upcoming iPhone email app ‘Mailbox’ now taking reservations for staggered roll out

A new email app will soon be available for the iPhone that wants to change the way we deal with email on our iPhone for the better. The new app created by Orchestra is said to be inspired by the simplicity of the “Clear” to do app and the beautiful interface of the Sparrow email app.

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Apple's App Store crashes through the 40 billion apps download mark

Apple has just announced that its App Store customers have downloaded over 40 billion apps. It shouldn't be that surprising when you consider that Apple has over 500 million active accounts using the App Store and December 2012 alone saw a staggering two billion app downloads.

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RunKeeper receives a major update, right on time for those New Year fitness resolutions

RunKeeper, the hugely popular personal training and fitness tracking app has received a major update. The timing couldn't be any better, straight after the holiday periods antics of over eating and drinking and the time when those New Year resolutions of weight loss and getting fit start to become a reality.

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