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New York’s MTA releases Subway Time app, lets users know exact train arrival times

The New York MTA (Metropolitan Transport Authority) has released an app that will allow users to access up to the minute information on when a subway train will arrive at their chosen station. The app which is called Subway Time will initially cover seven stations with more to come in the future.

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Apple adds shared reminders to iCloud web app

Apple is continuing with its expansion of the iCloud web app which now has the added ability to share reminders with others. Last month Apple added Notes and Reminders to the web app but missed out the ability to share reminders; that has now been added and you can share reminders with other iCloud users very easily.

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Google adds Street View to iPhone and iPad web app

Google has added Street View, its panoramic ground-level mapping service, to its iPhone and iPad web app. That should hopefully ease the pain currently being experienced by iOS 6 users who found Street View missing following the September update. When Apple ditched Google as their mapping data provider and created the new, and controversial iOS 6 Maps app, they lost Street View and instead offered Flyover, which is nowhere near as useful. Thankfully Google has added a nice feature for iOS users.

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Official YouTube app arrives in the App Store, complete with YouTube ads

Google has unleashed its own YouTube app for the iPhone today. Google has built the app with the help of YouTube engineers with the aim of giving iPhone and iPod touch users the best mobile experience. You may recall that Apple removed the YouTube app from iOS 6 beta 4 and later confirmed that Apple’s license to include the YouTube app within iOS had ended. Apple claimed that Google was working on its own app and today it has arrived in the App Store.

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How to exclude songs or albums from playing when using shuffle in the iOS Music app

If have a lot of music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, using the shuffle feature can be a great way to listen to a random selection of music. Unfortunately, it comes at a price if you have content that you just wouldn’t want to listen to. For example, I have a couple of albums with children’s nursery rhymes and also some Christmas songs. Every time I select shuffle and begin to relax, without fail t plays one of the nursery rhymes and drives me mad.

Well, if all of your music is stored on your Mac or Windows PC in iTunes, there is a very easy way to tell your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to leave certain tracks or albums completely out of the shuffle list.

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Watch the Olympics live on your iPhone with free, UK-only, BBC Olympics app

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has launched a new, free, UK-only app called BBC Olympics that will provide up to 24 live event streams, schedules, results pages, and all the latest news from the Olympics 2012.

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PayPal looks to steal limelight from NFC with new PayPal inStore app

PayPal looks like it could steal the limelight away from NFC (Near Field Communication) payments in the UK with the release of its latest app. The new app which is called PayPal inStore allows UK shoppers to use their iPhone to pay for goods within certain stores. Those stores currently include fashion chains Coast, Oasis, Warehouse, and Karen Millen.

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Google+ for iPhone gets a facelift

Recently, Google gave their social network, Google+, a complete makeover on its website, but the iOS app was still left in the cold. However, today, Google+ for iPhone received an well needed facelift.

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Scan documents into your iPhone and iPad with Scanner Pro by Readdle

One of the advantages of having a camera on your iPhone and iPad is that you can you use it with great apps like Scanner Pro that let you take photos of documents to "scan" them and store as PDFs. The result looks just as if you used a physical scanner to do the job.

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Introducing the official iMore for iPhone app!

iMore for iPhone is FREE in the App Store! Download now!

The official iMore for iPhone app is here! You read that right! We've spent months working on this and we're incredibly happy to finally be able to share it with the iMore Nation! You've been asking for an iMore app for years but we knew we couldn't just slap the website between two layers of code and throw it into the store -- we had to make an experience that was fundamentally better than both the full iMore website and the mobile web view. And I think we've done just that!

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