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Air Display for iPad- app review


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This week I am taking a look at Air Display by Avatron Software. You may have heard of Avatron as they make the great Air Sharing apps for iPhone and iPad. This app works like an external display for your Mac desktop or laptop (good news PC owners, it will work on a PC soon!).

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iRealSMS 3.0 for iPhone Jailbreak - app review

iRealSMS 3.0 for iPhone is a jailbreak utility that you can use in place of the default messaging app.  Up until this point, I had always used QuickReply for SMS.  A several of you TiPb'ers recommended I look at iRealSMS 3.0 so I did. And I'm impressed.  iRealSMS 3.0 exceeds the features of QuickReply for SMS by a landslide.

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LogMeIn Ignition updated for iOS 4

LogMeIn Ignition has just been updated for iPhone and iPad specifically with iOS 4 support.

Normally, this would not necessarily be too exciting, except I just got done testing this release. I am very excited to report that I was able to log in to my remote desktop, then check mail and other apps. Put the iPhone to sleep, come back minutes later and open LogMeIn Ignition and... my desktop was still there!

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iBooks on iPhone 4- app review

With the iPhone 4 now available, many people want to use that gorgeous retina display to begin reading books on the go via iBooks. We have looked at iBooks on the iPhone 3GS and on the iPad. How does iBooks compare on the iPhone 4?

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iBooks on iPhone 3GS - app review

Finally, iBooks for iPhone arrives! I have been enjoying iBooks on my iPad for some time now. With iBooks for iPhone many more people can enjoy portable reading with their phones. How does iBooks measure up? Keep reading to find out!

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Wired brings their magazine to the iPad

At over 5ooMB, Wired's iPad app arrives in the App Store and yes, the future of magazine reading appears to arrive with it!

Last November we gave a sneek-peek at Wired's concept for a magazine on a tablet. That demo was in Adobe's Flash. The new version is 100% Flash free and is beautiful.

Navigating the magazine is a breeze; tap on the screen and you are given overlayed navigation tools. The bottom scrolls through pages and the top has two options- zoom out and a vertical list of articles in the issue.

There is plenty of interactive content too. Videos from the upcoming Toy Story movie and 3D real-time models of Mars and a Lego Lamborghini. With this awesome content and interactivity comes a price; $4.99 an issue. Is it worth it? Let us know in comments! Check screenshots after the break!

[$4.99- iTunes Link]

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Zombie Infection for iPhone - app review

Survival horror thriller Zombie Infection for iPhone has to be Gameloft's highest production game to date. The graphics and voice acting are top notch and the cinematic style is engrossing.

Zombie Invasion starts off with you landing in a small town, that -- wait for it -- has been overrun by zombies! The first level is basically a tutorial showing you the moves for your character. You can shoot and stomp on crates to find goodies such as ammunition and medical supplies. You can move while aiming (albeit very slowly) and you can dismember the zombies by shooting their legs, arms and heads; what more can you ask for?

As you progress through the 12 levels in the game you unlock them to replay at any time. This is great since Zombie Infection has a trophy achievement system. You can go back though levels and practice/earn achievements. There are some fun ones too, for example if you shoot off both legs of a zombie, you get an achievement for that. It is this type of mechanic that makes me come back for more.

To add a little variety to the game, you can also play as one of two characters; Ex-soldier Damien Sharpe and reporter Alex Rayne. The names are cheesy, yes, but the gameplay and fun factor is not. I love this game and I am thankful that Gameloft is bringing these types of games to iPhone; it makes one really compelling alternative to other platforms for mobile gaming. Check the video and pictures after the break!

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Wi-Fi Sync for iPhone - Jailbreak app review

Update: This app seems to break core functionality, read my article here on uninstalling Wi-Fi Sync. Until the developer decides these issues need to be addressed, I can't recommend anyone pay for this application, or until another workaround is found. The developer has been completely unresponsive when I've tried to contact him about the issue and at this time, I have no current easy solution to resolving broken backups and upgrades.

Wi-Fi Sync for iPhone is a jailbreak app that allows you to wirelessly sync with iTunes as opposed to having to plug in your phone.  It found it's way into Cydia after it was rejected by Apple.

As of now, Wi-Fi Sync is only Mac compatible.  The developer is currently working on a PC version which he states on his website should be complete in about 8-10 weeks.  If you have a Mac and want to try it out, simply click here to get the Mac desktop software, then go in Cydia and purchase Wi-Fi Sync [$9.99 - Cydia Link].

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Comcast demos Xfinity Remote app for iPad

Today Comcast demoed Xfinity Remote, a prototype of a web-based remote control that aims to extend their interactive programming guide to many IP-enabled devices such as an iPad. Unlike their current sub par iPhone application [iTunes Link - Free] this application allows Comcast subscribers to have full control over cable boxes.

"The Xfinity Remote, which Brian Roberts demoed today on an iPad at the NCTA show, enables you to search for your favorite shows and movies on television and video on demand, change the channel on your cable box right from your iPad, and set your DVR remotely."

Comcast also mentions the app will allow for integration into social networks and allow for chatting live while watching a show or send invites to friends to watch programming at the same time.

The Xfinity Remote should be free when in lands into the App Store and while no release date has been given, Comcast promises we will see it before the end of the year.

Video after the break!

[MacDailyNews via Comcast]

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Windows Live Messenger coming to iPhone and iPod touch

It seems Microsoft is almost ready to release their popular IM client, Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app is said to arrive this June and will contain photo sharing, chat, and a social stream - which looks to include a Facebook stream and possibly a Twitter stream as well.

The second major release following Bing foince the software giant is now beginning to warm up the the iPhone platform perhaps Microsoft will get the ball rolling on Office in the not so distant future.

Screen shots after the break!


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