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Angela Ahrendts treats retail employees like executives, 81 percent retention in 2015

Angela Ahrendts sat down with Fast Company for an interview, in which she discussed strategies she implemented as head of Apple retail to boost morale and improve employee retention. Ahrendts mentioned that she treats retail employees as executives, which led to an 81 percent retention rate in 2015, the highest in the company's history.

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Apple gears up to launch retail stores in India

Apple has a strong retail presence in India through franchisee-owned stores, but the manufacturer has signified its intentions to launch the Apple Retail Store in the country.

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Apple to reportedly open new flagship store in Paris

Apple is reportedly looking to open a new flagship store in Paris after having secured a lease for a seven-story space on Champs-Élysées.

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'60 Minutes' to highlight Apple's secret design studio, retail store of the future in upcoming episode

Jony Ive will give Charlie Rose a look inside "Apple’s secret design studio" in an upcoming episode of 60 Minutes that will be aired on Sunday, December 20 at 7:30PM ET & 7PM PT on CBS.

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Microsoft and Apple Store employees hug it out in NYC in new holiday TV ad

Microsoft has posted a new TV commercial where employees at its recently-opened Microsoft Store location in New York City walk down a few blocks to the Apple Store to sing a Christmas carol in front of the store.

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The upcoming Apple Store in Chicago is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's designs

Apple has submitted design concepts for its upcoming Apple Store in Chicago, which looks like it was inspired by the homes designed by the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Apple to run all Singapore operations on solar energy, first retail store launching shortly

Apple has mentioned that all Singapore operations will be powered by renewable energy, and that it will open its first retail store in the country shortly.

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Judge dismisses lawsuit against Apple over bag searches ordered on its store employees

A federal judge has dismissed a class-action lawsuit against Apple, which claimed the company's policy to search the bags of its store workers when they leave the premises is demeaning and embarrassing to employees. The judge said those workers could have avoided the searches simply by not bringing any bags.

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A telepresence robot is in line to buy the iPhone 6s at the flagship Australia Apple Store

The line to get the iPhone 6s at the flagship Australia Apple Store in Sydney includes a telepresence robot.that's being controlled remotely by Lucy Kelly, an employee for a local media agency.

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The Brussels Apple Store, with its Jony Ive design, opens to the public

The newest Apple Store location in Brussels, which is also the first such store in the country of Belgium, is now open to the public. The store is the first to be designed by Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive.

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