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Apple Store Within A Store

Apple Store-within-a-Walmart: the future, or the end of days?

There have been Apple Stores inside Best Buy (and their subsidiary, Future Shop in Canada) for a long time now, but Walmart? Admittedly, I haven't been to Walmart in years, but last time I did the most they had in there was a McDonalds. Well, times change and Apple Retail just keeps building or building.

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Best Buy closing 50 big boxes in 2012, less locations for you to buy your Apple gear

Best Buy will be closing 50 of their big box stores in 2012, 8 previously announced and 42 more just made official. Most of them will be shut down by mid-May, a last few by July. The release talks about employees, and how they'll try to find them positions within the organization, but it doesn't speak clearly about a strategy moving forward.

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