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Apple Vs Amazon

Apple, iBooks, and competing with Kindle

Buried among the numbers at yesterday's iPad and Mac event, Tim Cook announced a new version of iBooks with a few new features. From the beginning I'd heard the iPad mini was about removing weight and cost as barriers of entry to iPad sales, and about taking the ebook fight to Amazon and, as Ryan Block of GDGT aptly terms them, their Kindle line of consumer content appliances. Yet the event came and went without Apple matching the Kindle on pricing, or challenging Amazon on ebooks. Why?

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Could Apple offer iTunes affiliate revenue to carriers as a subsidy for LTE data plans?

Last week we saw Amazon drop a bit of a bomb on the competition by offering a $50 per year data plan. At 250MB a month, it isn’t a very good data plan, but people will buy it. I wondered how Amazon could have negotiated such a good deal with AT&T. Perhaps they’re cutting them in on revenue from users who shop on Amazon while using a Kindle Fire HD via the LTE data network? It was purely speculation, but it intrigued me enough that I spent a bit more time thinking about this whole topic. And I quickly realized that Apple actually has a pretty well-established iTunes affiliate program.

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iMore show 311: Storytelling

Rene talks to Clayton Morris of Fox News about the recent Nokia and Amazon events, then dives into next week's iPhone 5 event. How does Apple engage mainstream consumers, what's the competitive landscape, and what surprises are in store for us? This is the iMore show Sunday edition!

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Editor's desk: Jeff Bezos vs. Steve Jobs, ultimate copy loop, and 4 years, 7000 posts, and 2 million words later...

Less. Than. Three. That's how many days remain until Apple holds their September 12 event and we almost certainly get our first, official look at the iPhone 5. I just put up a fancy new iPhone super page to keep track of all the action, and we have lots more coming this week.

Starting tonight as I talk geek-to-geek with Fox New's Clayton Morris about what we can expect at the big event. You don't want to miss that. But before we get too caught up on the week ahead, here are some final thoughts on the week that was, including Amazon vs. Apple, the ultimate copy loop, and a sentimental moment for yours truly...

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Should Apple fear Amazon?

On Thursday afternoon, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos got up on stage and introduced the world to an awesome set of updates to the Kindle Fire. Amazon doesn’t just want to have the best priced tablet (Kindle Fire is now $159), but it also wants to have the best tablet “at any price”.

To that end, the 8.9” Kindle Fire HD is hitting the market in November. It has great technical specs, and comes with a $299 price point (16 GB, Wi-Fi only) and a $499 price point, which includes 4G (LTE) and 32 GB of memory. That’s between $200 and $230 cheaper than a comparable iPad.

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Here are the Kindle Fire HD tablets, Amazon's new iPad competitors

Amazon bumped up the specs on the existing Kindle Fire today, but the big news is the undoubtedly the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch and Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablets. Amazon, smartly, announced them not as "gadgets" but as "services" and positioned them as the best way to consumer Amazon content while also providing additional functionality like mail, web, and apps to round out the experience. Our own Kevin Michaluk, Stephane Koenig, and Ashley Esqueda were live at the event, and had a chance to check them out first-hand. (See the video above.)

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Kindle Fire vs. iPad vs. Nexus 7 vs. Surface RT vs Playbook

Amazon has just announced an amazing new line of Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD 7-inch and Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablets. I'll share thoughts on those in another post. For now, here's a quick look at how the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD stack up against Apple's iPad, as well as Google's Nexus 7, Microsoft's Surface RT, and BlackBerry's PlayBook.

So, looking at the tale of the tape, and recognizing each device has unique value propositions that just don't show up on charts, how does this sway you? Anyone jumping on a Kindle Fire HD now, or will you wait and see what the iPad mini brings to the table in October?

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Amazon makes Kindle Fire iPad competitor official, also offers cheap new Kindle Touch

Amazon has announced their iPad competitor and as rumor had it, it's called the Kindle Fire. The biggest news is the price -- only $199 for a 14.6 ounce, 7-in IPS 1024x600 169dpi display. It's dual core, Wi-Fi only, and has only 8GB of storage (plus free Amazon cloud) but again -- $199.

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Amazon's Appstore makes Apple's App Store seem all warm and cuddly?

We've all heard horror stories about Apple's "draconian" control over the iOS App Store for years, but if developer Shifty Jelly is to be believed, and as the old saying goes, Apple ain't got nothing on Amazon.

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Amazon preparing a 9-inch iPad competitor for fall

The Wall Street Journal claims Amazon is going ahead with a 9-inch Android-based tablet to compete with the iPad. Inc. plans to introduce a tablet computer before October, said people familiar with the matter, in a move that will heighten the online retailer's rivalry with Apple Inc.

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