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FCC chairman urges FAA to allow use of tablets during takeoff and landing

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski is urging the Federal Aviaition Administration (FAA) to "enable greater use of tablets, e-readers, and other portable devices" during all phases of flight, according to a report by The Hill. The FAA has been studying the question of gadgets during these phases for some time, stating in March that they were reconsidering the policy and forming a committee in August to study their current policies, though no recommendations have yet been made.

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U.S. Air Force buying up to 18,000 iPads

The U.S. Air Force has ordered over $9 million dollars worth of 32GB iPads to use as digital manuals and navigation charts for aircraft pilots and crews.

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Alaska Airlines now using iPad for flight manuals

Alaska Airlines has decided to ditch paper and will begin using the iPad for flight manuals, further propelling the tablets' popularity in the aviation space.

Alaska Airlines has become the first major US airline to hop on board the paperless bandwagon [...] the airline has announced that it will be replacing its traditional flight manuals with iPads.

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