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Brooklyn Tap House using the iPad and iPod touch for point of sale system

The Brooklyn Tap House is now using a new point of sale system that incorporates both iPads and iPod touches. The Brooklyn Tap House has one of the most extensive ale choices of any establishment that I have seen and now they can all be accessed and ordered using an iPad or iPod touch.

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iPhones smuggled back into China hidden inside beer bottles

An elderly Chinese lady was stopped at customs trying to import more than 200 iPhones hidden inside used beer bottles. The iPhones which are available for a lot less in Hong Kong were being imported into Shenzhen China.

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Siri will pour your an ice cold beer with Beeri

The folks over at Red Pepper Land came up with an ingenious way to get Siri to pour you a cold glass of beer, completely hands free, using Twitter, an Arduino controller and an R/C toy car. They call it Beeri, and I want it..

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Untappd releases iPhone check-in app for social drinking

Untappd, the "Foursquare for beer" social check-in service, has released their official iPhone app. You can now check-in to what beer you're drinking with the option of adding location information for sharing with friends on the network.

Previously limited to a webapp, the native app offers a number of welcomed features including Notifications and the ability to upload photos with your check-in. Get ready to drink socially...

Untappd is a new way to socially track, rate, & share with your friends what beers you're enjoying, as well as where you're enjoying them. You can see what beers are trending nearby and where you can find them. Untappd will also share recommendations based on your drinking preferences. Curious about a specific beer? See what other users are saying about it and add it to your wish list to make sure you remember to find it! As you explore more brews and locations, you will uncover a variety of badges.

  • Track & rate what beers you have and share them with your friends
  • Upload a photo of the beer your having and sharing it with your friends.
  • Notifications of your friends comments and toasts
  • Geolocation enabled so you can tag your location & see what’s trending nearby
  • Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare & Gowalla integration for social sharing
  • Toast and comment on your friends beers
  • Earn a wide variety of badges
  • See what beers are trending nearby and where to find them

Untappd is available for the iPhone and iPod touch for free.

App Store Link

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Rate and track your favorite beers with Brewski Me

AppsVersusRobots have updated their beer tracking app, Brewski Me, with the ability to give half-star ratings and more awards.

  • Check into beers and locations
  • Discover and share new beers
  • See what your friends are drinking and meet other beer geeks
  • Rate and review beers
  • Create your beer Wish List
  • Stock your Beer Cellar and keep track of your Favorites
  • Earn Award Caps

The update includes:

  • The number one requested feature: half-star ratings! Dial in your brew reviews!
  • Bug fixes, including those with 24-hour format devices.
  • New background features to enable more awards!

My husband is a huge beer fan (and snob), so I look forward to using this to keep track of his favorites. Now I won't have to ruin the surprise of bringing beer home by calling to ask him which kind to get!

Brewski Me is free for the iPhone. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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iPhone and a mini-fridge, lazy beer drinkers delight [video]

What do you get if you take an iPhone, a mini fridge, some compressed air and a clever guy to mash it all together? A beer firing, iPhone controlled mini fridge, that’s what. Personalbeerrobot has posted a YouTube video showing this crazily brilliant invention in action. The fridge is controlled via a web app on the iPhone and it allows you to control the temperature that you are storing the beer at as well as select between four different brands.

Once the beer has been selected, you then switch to the canon cam, this is a video camera which shows you where the fridge will shoot the beer can to. You can aim using the iPhone screen, hit fire and then hopefully catch the flying beer. So there you go, instant beer delivery to your favorite armchair without you moving a muscle, perfect. The system even has the facility to submit a video of your beer can flying hopefully into your hands directly to twitter.

Personalbeerrobot is already working on some updates, like crosshairs to show more clearly where the beer will land along with a timer function. You can follow his progress @MyBeerRobot.

So if and when these go into production, whose first in line for one?


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iBeer Developer Suing Coors For a Refreshing 12.5 Mil

Yet another iPhone related lawsuit only this time it does not involve Apple... shocking isn't it?

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