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Meet ‘Task One’, a Swiss Army type of iPhone case launching soon on Kickstarter

Former Apple engineer, Addison Shelton has invented a rather unique iPhone case that combines a sturdy polycarbonate body with aircraft grade aluminium. The unique part of this particular case is that it houses 16 tools within the case that can be pulled out in a similar fashion to the world famous Swiss Army Knife.

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Twelve South to start shipping iPhone 5 BookBook case this Monday

Twelve South has announced that it will start shipping its hugely popular BookBook case for the iPhone 5 this Monday. The BookBook was first made available back in 2011 and was a superb case that was also a fully functioning wallet. If you were looking for a converged case and wallet then you couldn’t do much better than this. Well from Monday you can get hold of one for your iPhone 5 too.

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Belkin announces a portable keyboard case for the iPad mini

Well known accessory manufacturer Belkin has wasted no time in getting a portable keyboard case ready for the just released iPad mini. The new keyboard case not only offers great protection for your iPad mini but also gives it a well spaced removable Bluetooth keyboard for the times when the on screen keyboard is just not good enough for your needs.

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iPhone 5 fully dimensioned design drawing available for all to see

If you are a case maker then Apple usually provides you with a detailed design drawing of its iPhone models. This time however the link to the design drawing has been made available to all and it reveals some interesting information on the iPhone 5 design. We don’t know if this is intentional by Apple or if it is in error but it’s interesting none the less. Not only do they reveal all of the exact dimensions for the iPhone 5 but they provide detailed information on how to build a case for it too.

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CruxSKUNK iPad keyboard seeks Kickstarter funding, thinnest iPad keyboard yet

The CruxSKUNK keyboard for iPad has appeared on Kickstarter and is looking for backing to fund its development and eventual manufacture. Forget the name, as it doesn’t do this iPad accessory any justice at all and take a look at this amazingly thin keyboard that could take typing on your iPad to the next level.

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Safe & Sound case looks to pump up the volume of your iPad

The Safe & Sound is an iPad case that looks to increase the volume of your iPad speaker. It hopes to make listening to music, making FaceTime calls or anything else that you may need the external speaker for a much better experience. The Safe & Sound has just appeared on Kickstarter and is looking for funding to make the case a reality.

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Twelve South makes the BookBook case available as a little black book case

Twelve South has today unveiled a new classic black version of its hugely popular BookBook case for iPhone and iPhone 4S. The BookBook case was first made available back in 2011 and was a superb case that was also a fully functioning wallet. If you were looking for a converged case and wallet then you couldn’t do much better than this.

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Give your iPhone a BlackBerry-style physical keyboard with Spike TypeSmart, now on Kickstarter

The Spike TypeSmart keyboard case for iPhone looks to address the age-old argument of the hardware keyboard being a better way to input text than a software keyboard, and it looks to do so by offering you the best of both worlds. The Spike gives iPhone users a hardware keyboard which is part of a hard case. Depending on the model, the Spike keyboard can either be switched simply flipped around to use, and then switched or flipped back to discreetly store the keyboard at the rear of the case when not required. The project is now up for backing on Kickstarter.

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Etcher iPad case turns your iPad into a fully functioning Etch A Sketch

A new case has landed on Kickstarter that looks to take your iPad back in time and turn it into a fully functional Etch A Sketch. In case you have already forgotten or are simply not old enough to remember, the Etch A Sketch was launched in the 1960’s was a small tablet like slab with two knobs; one on each side.

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Logitech launches the light powered Solar Keyboard Folio case for iPad

Logitech has announced the Solar Keyboard Folio iPad case which is a Bluetooth keyboard and case integrated into one accessory. What's different with this particular iPad case combo is that the keyboard is powered by an indoor or outdoor light source.

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