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Apple reportedly moving from iPod touch to iPhone 5s for EasyPay retail system

Apple is apparently rolling out some changes to the EasyPay point of sale system found in Apple Retail Stores, phasing out the current iPod touch and its card reader. EasyPay will instead utilize an iPhone 5s going forward. An updated credit-card reader will be attached to the devices, which will contain some kind of RFID functionality, along with the ability to read chip and PIN cards, according to 9to5Mac:

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Apple to enable self-service checkout at retail via Apple Store app?

MacRumors and Heylookitsseric are both claiming Apple will be updating their Apple Store app to allow customers self-service checkout for off-the-shelf items like iPhone and iPad cases at Apple Retail.

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iPod touch EasyPay POS May Soon Be Used by Other Retailers

Ever since Apple rolled out their iPod touch based EasyPay POS to some of it's retail stores they have been flooded with inquires from other retailers looking to get in on the Apple goodness. It was just a a few short weeks ago that certain Apple retail stores ditched their crash prone Windows CE + stylus based EasyPay point-of-sale devices and since then it has raised the curiosity of other retailers.


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Advanced Peak at Apple Retail Stores' New iPod touch-based EasyPay Gear

http://www.ifoapplestore.com/">AppleInsider has a great, exclusive look from ifoAppleStore at the new iPod touch-based EasyPay system Apple Retail Stores are set to roll out, replacing their old WindowsCE gear.

Those who have seen the system for processing credit card, debit card and cash purchases, dubbed "EasyPay touch," said it combines iPod touch features with a magnetic stripe reader, advanced barcode scanner and Apple-written software to speed plastic and cash transactions.

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Apple Retail Stores: Buh-Bye WindowsCE, Hello iPod touch!

Looks like the rumors were true and Apple is finally set to replace the aging, WindowsCE + stylus based EasyPay point-of-sale devices used by the retail store staff with sexy new credit card reading, barcode scanning iPod touches. Apple will be using the same accessory access APIs supplied to developers in the iPhone 3.0 SDK.

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